WhatsApp API Integration Services for Business Enterprises

Notify Customers

  • Send notifications using pre-approved templates by including customer details in the variables of the code. 
  • Messages about order bookings, shipping, deliveries, cancellations, rejections, service and payment reminders, etc. can be sent to customers. 

Interact with Users

  • Improving customer service is one of the biggest advantages of using WhatsApp. 
  • The app allows private conversations with end to end encryption. Customers can text the business first and share a complaint or a query. 
  • The interactive features enable customers to share pictures or video of the problem area, thereby making it easier for the support staff to pinpoint the root cause of the trouble. 
  • Creating chatbots to send automated messages to customers will create a favorable impression. 
  • The bots reply instantly to a message and keep the conversation active. 
  • The answers to generic questions and FAQs are provided by the bots allowing support staff to work on closing the complaints. 
  • The support staff can take over the conversation anytime and switch to real-time interaction with users. 
  • Schedule messages for a set time and date. 
  • Send customized messages in bulk to the target audience. 

Retrieve Information

  • Retrieve information such as product warranty details, account balance information, profile information of users, reward points, etc. 

Enable Transactions

  • Convert conversations into transactions by encouraging customers to buy a product. 
  • Help in product discovery by sending information about products based on the purchase history of users. 
  • Allow purchases from the chatbox and provide an acknowledgement for the same. 
  • Reschedule deliveries according to customers’ timings and help new users in creating an account with the business. 

Deliver Messages to Users 

  • The platform ensures that messages are delivered to users no matter what. 
  • If the messages failed to get delivered via WhatsApp, an alternate method such as SMS is used to send the message.
  • For every delivered message, the enterprises will get a delivery report, which will automatically be updated on the dashboard.
The marketing and sales tools for recurring campaigns, cross-promotions can be integrated into the API platform to improve sales and promote the brand.