Streaming videos: How to download them effortlessly from the web?

The advent of the web has completely transformed lives of people who were earlier dependent upon various things to get entertainment. It is now possible to watch any video or listen to choice of music on the internet and even downloaded onto the computer or the smartphone. Several streaming sites can be found on the web that does allow visitors to watch their favourite videos for free. Also are found apps that do allow quick and secure downloading of the desired videos. 

Offline entertainment

Downloading does allow the person to enjoy watching or listening at any point of time. Saving on the hard disk enables the person to avoid streaming them again and save money on precious bandwidth. It also improves overall viewing and listening experience as the user is not required to wait for some time for the video to buffer and then stream again. 

Tips to download streaming videos to the computer

Fast net connection will be necessary to download any streaming video. This is possible on slow connection also, but is likely to take some time. 
  • Firstly a good and reliable download software will be required that supports streaming video download from the web. 
  • Then visit the site to locate the clip desired to download. 
  • Copy video link from address bar of browser and paste it on the software. Then, click to ‘add to download’ video.
  • Video downloading is initiated by the software and it becomes possible to download good number of videos from variety of sites simultaneously. Upon downloading the video, one can view download progress, time remaining and the amount of time elapsed.


Given below are the features that are desired in the streaming video downloader app.
  • It should maintain and organize download history allowing users to view them whenever needed. Also, it should be removable every now and then, if not required anymore. 
  • Software is to support video recording from all leading streaming sites. 
  • Software is to support video format conversion if the need arises. For instance if video is to be downloaded in flash format and it is to be converted into MP4 format, then this feature is to be supported by the software.
  • Software is to allow multiple videos downloading. There will no use to use software which allows one video download at one point of time. 
  • Different videos are to be permitted to be downloaded in multiple threads and from different sites, without any limitation. 
  • No skips are to be present within the downloaded videos. 

There are many who prefer to use Vidmate app as it is leading software to download videos of all types and from several sites. Also are present other download software that can live up to user expectations. It will be wise for anyone to first undertake some research and find out some useful information about the different types of download software available in the market and to undertake thorough comparison of the same.