Win the Award for Best Date Night Idea

gold cup winner on bokeh background, 3D illustration
Whether you’re embarking on a potential relationship or have been with the same person for years, it’s good to keep date night ideas handy. Who knows, you could even win the award for best date night idea. With a new person, part of the equation is knowing what he or she might like. With an established relationship, you may want to opt for something that’s surprising or even a bit challenging versus something predictable. The suggestions below can apply in many scenarios. Of course, tinker with them as you see fit.

Pizza Picnic

Spice up what could be just another ordinary pizza night with a picnic (could be inside or outside). Lay down a blanket, break out the wine, and talk (or recite poetry!) while you two wait for the delivery person. You could spring for a pie that breaks the cheese-and-pepperoni mold. For instance, if you type, “taco pizza near me,” into your smartphone search engine, you should see lots of mouthwatering results. What if you’re on a budget? No problem. Cheese and pepperoni are still great! Just type, “pizza specials near me tonight,” to see what’s available. In a pizza picnic situation, the pizzas aren’t the biggest factor. Your thoughtfulness, planning and execution are what’s important. The details, the small touches. The surprise, the delight.

Paint the Night Away

Wine-and-paint events are popular these days. Take your date to a wine-and-paint spot, and have fun painting the preselected piece. If you’re just starting to date, this idea also gives the both of you insight into each other’s creativity and creative processes.

Pick Fruits or Vegetables

If it’s the right time of the year, a fun date could be picking berries, apples, corn or even pumpkins. A bonus effect is that you can incorporate the food into a dish to be prepared later.