Daily Tarot Card Reading App for Android and iOS

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Card Reading App
Card Reading App

Scrolling through hundreds of apps for tarot card reading and downloading the ones that seem to attract, just to find the most versatile daily tarot card reading app for Android/iOSTarot Life.  A daily tarot app that will chaperon you on the road to finding success and happiness, with its wide-spectrum features in Tarot card reading, Numerology and Astrology.

Finding the Favourite Tarot Reading App

Ideally what is it that you expect from a daily tarot card reading app? What is it that makes an app your first choice in a list of hundreds of daily tarot card reading apps for Android/iOS?

Well nothing much!

An app that has the wherewithal to stand separated in the diverse market of online tarot card reading apps is the one with the most far-reaching features. Tarot Life is an extensive daily tarot card reading app for Android available on playstore, offering the most detailed and accurate tarot readings.

There is nothing to feel disappointed, dear iPhone users! This daily tarot card reading app for iOS is also available on your App Store to guide you through your daily life troubles.

What’s so Amazing?

  • Tarot Life is an all-rounder daily tarot app that offers tarot reading, astrology and numerology; on a single platform.
  • It’s a tarot reading app that gets you equipped with the most accurate tarot reading insights.
  • Offers free love tarot readings
  • Extensive guidance for attaining financial stability with finance tarot.
  • Precise and free career tarot insights
  • Daily tarot guidance for you to plan your day according to the calling of the cards.
  • Birth Tarot introduces you to the cards that will be your guide to achieve perpetual prosperity in life.
  • The amazing card of the day predicts the outcome of the day in terms of love insights and career and money forecasts.
  • Offers you detailed numerology guidance with Life path number, Destiny number, Personality number and Maturity number.
  • Getting personalized and comprehensive astrological readings and reports on a payment of a comparatively small amount seems to be the best bargain.
  • Interact with the expert tarot reader to get answers to your specific questions at the cheapest price.
  • Learn about the meanings of different cards and start reading for yourself.

Understanding The Features- A Walkthrough

Among several daily tarot card reading app for Android/iOS, Tarot Life offers numerous features to keep you one step ahead in life.

Let’s find out how Tarot Life is outplaying other daily tarot card reading app for android/iOS

Daily Tarot reading

Daily tarot card informs you about the calling of the daily tarot card that will help you in planning your day to attain maximum benefits.

Card of the Day

The ‘card of the day’ gives you daily tarot predictions for love, career and money to help you reap benefits from daily situations.

Free Love Tarot Card Readings

The 3-card spread for love tarot provides deep insights into your romantic life, but what makes this tarot reading app special is the 6-card True Love Spread which helps you clear all your doubts about your partner and your relationship with them.

Free Career Tarot Card Readings

The 3-card Career Spread guides you to interpret your professional success and challenges and the feature that adds to the precision of this tarot reading app is the 7-card Career Path Spread that mentors you in building a strong and secure professional future.

Free Finance Tarot Card Readings

Get the most accurate tarot readings for finance with the 3-card Finance tarot, that helps you in addressing your financial concerns and 5-card Success Spread in this daily tarot card reading app for android/iOS will mentor you in sailing through your financial stallings, giving you insights on how you can overcome the period of financial instability.

 Birth Tarot

Birth Tarot feature of this daily tarot app presents you with the cards that perfectly describe your personality to help you find the path to attain prosperity in your life on the basis of your day of birth.

‘Yes or No’ Tarot reading

Sometimes in life, all you need is for someone to answer the questions clouding your mind in the most direct way and this ‘yes or no’ tarot reading allows you to get direct answers and straightforward advice to your questions.

‘Ask a Question’

It is an interactive feature of this tarot reading app that allows you to chat with an expert to find answers to your questions with tarot cards.


Along with the unmatched benefits in tarot card reading, Tarot Life also provides assistance in Numerology with the most accurate results. 

  • Life Path Number- will guide you with the opportunities and challenges in your life to find the life path that you need to follow to make the best of these opportunities and overcome the challenges.
  • Destiny Number- calculated using the alphabets of your name,the destiny number will guide you to your inner goals and purpose of life.
  • Maturity Number- certain new desires and wishes come up in life at a much later stage, the maturity number indicates these secret desires and wishes that emerge as you reach your mid-age.
  • Personality Number- finding the significant aspects of your personality will not only help you in understanding yourself better but you can also use this to learn about your friends and probable partners even before you get to know them personally.


Get personalized and most precise life predictions and guidance by expert Astrologers by paying a really small overhead.

  • Birth Chart report is a detailed report based on your birth details and facilitates birth sign predictions, marital life predictions, major life periods, upcoming challenges, detailed kundali report, planetary influences.
  • Love compatibility gives you a comprehensive analysis of your relationship with your partner and this report will include your compatibility score with your partner, the challenges that you are facing in the relationships, the pillars of strength in your relationship. The report also guides you about how you should approach your relationship with your partner in order to form an everlasting love.
  • The Timeline report is your personalized report that enables you with a complete roadmap of your life with month-wise predictions, astrological advice, general life predictions, the upcoming challenges, marriage predictions, guidance to attain success and financial stability and foresees the favourable and unfavourable times.

Let’s sum up-

It’s difficult to find someone who can guide you through the obstacles in life to get you on the road to success, happiness and prosperity, and that’s the reason everyone says that when you find someone like this, don’t let them go.

Getting the point here??

You have just found your guide for life- Tarot Life, the best daily tarot card reading app for android and iOS.

Download on your device for free and find out how these features can make your life better.