What is the online payment gateway? Know why people are using PayPal

online payment
online payment

A payment gateway identifies a secure online payment method and that allows your credit cards to make a transaction with retailers, e-commerce stores, and any web transaction. People opt for the payment gateway as it can provide the highest secure payment and no one needs to go somewhere else to make that transaction so they can just simply click and make the transaction from the electronic device. Besides, a user needs to have a Verified PayPal account to use this system which is the best alternative to any banking system. Now you can have your sensitive information in a private place whereas no one can penetrate except the user. 

Now you can understand that it is easier, faster, safer and thus far better than any other traditional banking procedure. But the question is why PayPal? Well, PayPal is one of the most secure among all other gateways with many facilities. Here in this article, we are going to show you how and why PayPal is the best online payment method to all of us. 

Features that benefits PayPal user and make it the best as payment gateway

Every online payment should have good accessibility whenever people will purchase something or transfer the money to the recipients. More or less every gateway has these features. But people tend to use the best, isn’t it? That’s why most of the people are using PayPal gateway as the features benefit them comparing to the other online payment. 

Let’s talk about a few features that benefit PayPal users:

Internationally acceptable:

We have already told you at the beginning of this article that the main benefits of the PayPal payment gateway because it is internationally acceptable. If you go any popular e-commerce site, you will definitely get the PayPal payment gateway over there. Besides, the freelance thousands of online marketplace use PayPal for the same reason. Moreover, the 1.5 billion users push this platform forward to become more accessible and acceptable on the online platform.

Secure Virtual Banking: 

The traditional has gone and the current era is based on online and virtual banking.  PayPal can offer you virtual banking in regards to the savings account. Suppose you can save your money however the account has no physical location to any place or branch. 

Network security: 

The main reason why PayPal is the better platform from others is to establish a secure network gateway and that is proved all over the world among billions of user. As a result, when anyone starts online transaction they want to be in a safer platform comparing to the others, and when they come to know about PayPal they feel confident and take it as an online payment. PayPal organizes all the data securely and keeps it in cloud storage and the network pull the data in a safe way.

Customer satisfaction: 

After the secure gateway, the user experience is the second most important concern to think about. Therefore, PayPal has confirmed to provide a smooth transaction. It is a great integrated payment system indeed as the debit and credit card comes with a great integration while using PayPal. 

On the other hand, when you will open a PayPal account you will experience it as the easiest way to open an account. PayPal did a tricky method in that case and they believe hassle causes consumer dissatisfaction. Therefore, they remove all the hassle that all other regular payment gateway encountered before.


PayPal has an extensive service platform and thus it is hard to define the fees. But we can assure that PayPal fees are comparatively low and in some cases better than other payment gateways. Fortunately, when you will make the retail transaction from any e-commerce site to buy your product and services then PayPal won’t charge the fee. On the flip side, if you withdraw your money from any bank it will charge an amount of fee and that varies from one country to another also one bank to another bank. Let us tell you a variable transfer fee of PayPal that is 3.4% 3.9% out of the total transaction. 


Hopefully, you come to know the major features and the benefits of using PayPal. We have discussed some most common advantages that drive millions of people to use PayPal as an online payment gateway. There are many gateways apart from PayPal but none of them have any chance to stand beside it. If you are new in the online payment gateway then we recommend you to choose PayPal as it can serve you as the virtual banking too.