The Pros And Cons Of Traditional Water Heater!

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When it comes to buying the water heater system for your home, there are so many choices in the market. But usually, people go for traditional water heater installation as they believe that old water heater systems have a solid and trusted mechanism and it heats the water properly and hot water can be used in all parts of the property.

But it is natural that everything in this world has some pros and cons and same is the case with traditional water heater and that is the reason it becomes difficult to select the right water heater system for your property. But for that matter, it is important to know how traditional water heater works so that we can go on discussing the pros and cons that are attached to the regular usage of water heaters.

How Traditional Water Heater Function:

traditional water heater installation

Basically, a traditional water heater constantly heats the stored water so that it can keep the temperature that is set on the thermostat. Traditional water heater contains a water tank with a capacity of around 35 to 50 Gallons which is enough to supply water to multiple parts of the property. All tank heaters whether they are traditional or tankless, function according to the temperature set on the thermostat.

Let’s discuss the pros and cons of a traditional water heater system.

The Pros:

In most countries, people still go for the traditional water heater installation because there are so many advantages of traditional heaters. People mostly prefer traditional heaters over other modern products. Here are some of the advantages of installing a traditional water heater.

It Costs Low For Installation

Traditional water heaters are low in costs and that is the big reason people go for installing in in their home. You can buy traditional heater at any time and you do not need technical people for installation, you just have to put into the place where the old water heater was installed and you can resume the function normally. It is common that all houses have basic plumbing tools and solutions to install heaters. Traditional water heater contains a tank with it and it costs half of the modern tankless water heater that is why people prefer to go for installing old and traditional heater to get warm water.

It Can Be Replaced Easily

A traditional water heater is a low cost and besides that, it can be replaced easily as it is a simple plumbing project. You do not have to find ‘best plumber near me’ to get it replaced, you can remove the old one that is torn out and does not perform properly. You can also easily change the capacity as well whenever you feel issues in the functions of your old heater.

No Complications

It’s been more than decades that traditional water heaters have been in use for almost every household. People have tried almost every method n it to get warm water when it gets cold in winter seasons so that you can get a shower whenever you want and wash dishes when needed. Every system requires some maintenance to keep it in working condition, but the big advantage is that people are usually aware of the general practices that they can implement methods to keep the tank in good condition.

The Cons

Whereas traditional water heater has many pros, but it also has some limitations due to which people go for buying modern products for water heaters. Here are some of the big disadvantages of traditional water heaters.

High Energy Costs

It is a fact that you need to reheat the water constantly so that you can keep the temperature on the pre-set thermostat settings. For this purpose, greater energy is consumed which can high energy bills, especially during winter seasons when you can’t bear cold water and you need hot water running in your taps 24/7. But in winter, heat is lost due to cold weather so it takes double energy to keep the water hot. But increased costs are often slightly higher and you only get this after several months when hot water becomes a necessity.

It Takes Large Space For Installation

Traditional water heaters are huge in size and that is the reason, it requires large space for installation. The big disadvantage of a traditional water heater is that they cannot be used in small apartments and small buildings where large space is not available to install traditional water heaters. Because security concerns, we cannot put them outside the home and another reason is that, due to cold weather they will lose more heat and usage will become inefficient. So when you are living in small apartments, a traditional water heater is not the best solution.

It Has Reduced Life

Traditional water heaters usually function for over 10-15 years and after that time period, you need to buy them again which is a big hassle. Whereas, modern tankless heaters are made to function for a longer time period.

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