Queen Victoria, An Inspiration In Jewellery For Future Generations

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Why do we wear jewellery? The wearing of jewellery makes a person feel confident and beautiful and fully portrays their aesthetic nature and eye for quality and history. It proudly displays creativity and expressions and can symbolise tradition and culture. It is a perfect way to complete your dress for important and social occasions. 

Wearing antique rings exemplifies the wearer’s eye for quality and style. Many considered Queen Victoria the most powerful British sovereign with an immense love of jewellery. Many still look upon her as an inspiration when choosing their adornments.

Queen Victoria & Her Jewellery

Queen Victoria’s reign on the British throne is considered one of the foremost in the history of the Commonwealth. Her monarchy saw a sea change of advancements. She is still looked upon with a great affinity. Her subjects adored the beautiful young Queen Victoria as she wore beautiful jewellery liberally and with abundance, spreading happiness as she set new trends in fashion along the way. 

Queen Victoria had two favourite items of jewellery. One was a locket containing a miniature portrait of her adored husband Albert and a lock of his hair. Victoria also treasured a sapphire and diamond brooch given to her by Albert before marriage.  The Queen’s love of her jewellery continued until her death, as she was buried wearing her wedding ring with other favourite pieces placed on her fingers.

The Queens’ Rings

The design for the Queens’ Coronation Ring came from her favourite jewellery. At the unrehearsed ceremony, the ring was painfully forced onto the wrong finger of the 19-year-old newly crowned monarch. 

Queen Victoria’s favourite ring, given to her on her engagement, was of unique design. Precious tiny rubies, diamonds, and an emerald were all included in the round shaped like a serpent, as snakes were seen as a symbol of wisdom and commitment at the time. Her wedding ring was also most special. If you want something that Queen Victoria inspires, the trendsetter of her time, now it’s easy to get ornate authentic antique rings online. Simply visit antique collectors’ websites or search for reputable antique dealers near you, and you can start choosing from their extensive collection of rare pieces. 

An Inspiration In Engagement Ring Design

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One of the queen’s many legacies is that she inspired four iconic styles of engagement rings. The cluster ring signifies the sapphire cluster brooch, which was one of Victoria’s precious and most recognisable pieces of jewellery. The floral ring honours the tiara of fragrant orange blossoms worn on her wedding day. The horseshoe ring is the traditional symbol of good luck. The diamond ring relates to a time during her sovereignty when diamonds were discovered and mined in South Africa.

Queen Victoria is an inspiration to many in the jewellery world. She was known for her exquisite taste in jewellery and continues to be a source of inspiration for designers today. Her legacy lives on in the pieces she wore, which continue to be popular with collectors and jewellery enthusiasts.