5 Signs To Tell It’s Time To Call A Professional Janitorial Service

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Businesses need thorough cleaning occasionally to remain clean. Perhaps you are hesitating, thinking that your office is still clean and no one complains. Luckily, hiring a janitorial service company in Houston is possible to handle all your cleaning needs regardless of business size. This creates a productive work environment for staff to work to the total capacity. Check out the following signs to tell when to call a professional janitorial service. 

Dirty environment

Have you noticed some areas in your business looking dirty? Floors usually become more soiled from heavy traffic, as well as the washrooms. The presence of dust, stains, and debris in your work environment gives customers the impression that you don’t do enough to maintain your office environment. Keeping a clean and friendly office gives the impression that you care enough about their feelings to make a great impression. Customers are confident that your company will handle their job after noticing the organization in the workspace.  

Employees are always getting sick.

When your employees get sick, it is time to get worried. Perhaps the cause of the sickness might be in the work environment. You might begin to notice paid vacations or sick employees at work. This is the time to consider checking the work environment. There is a big chance of having dirty items in your office, including:

  • Desks
  • Keyboards
  • Handrails
  • Doorknobs 
  • Carpet stain 
  • Dust bunnies 

A dirty and cluttered environment is most likely to make staff sick, occasionally leading to productivity. A polluted environment is usually a hotbed for germs, bacteria, and diseases leading to health hazards, including cold and flu. Your employees are always prone to anxiety, stress, and other mental conditions. Your business will spend a lot on health insurance and productivity loss. Avoiding this requires professional janitorial services in Houston to freshen up your office. 

Employees usually cleaning

A healthy work-life balance is essential for employee happiness. If you notice your employees taking up cleaning the desks, washrooms, doorknobs, and floors, it is not a moment to jubilate. At first, it might seem like you are saving on cleaning costs. The realist is that you are losing a lot. Your employees lose valuable productive time doing the cleaning. Additionally, having your staff handle cleaning exposes them to burnout. 

Remember that not all employees will agree to take up cleaning chores not stipulated in their job description. Employees who volunteer to clean the office are unhappy with the work environment. To save your staff the hassle and a professional janitorial company is a solution. This will have the team take care of all your office cleaning needs and give them time to focus on their work. Additionally, staying up late to work lessens the time spend with their families after work. 

High staff turnover rate

Employees who can’t keep up working in a dirty environment are more likely to throw in the towel. These care for their health and won’t stick around working in a filthy office leading to reputational damage and high staff turnover. A dirty office makes staff less productive and prone to diseases like colds, flu, and allergies. 

Exposure to such conditions always reflects in the quality of work they produce and during interaction with other people. Your office will likely become filled with complaints of poor customer service, leading to loss of business and employees. Lowering the staff turnover rate requires maintaining a clean work environment with assistance from a professional cleaning company. 

Bad reviews 

Your office appearance gives a first impression to current customers and potential ones. Customers who come to your office and find it filthy will get a negative image. It is not easy to convince such customers that they are to get quality service. The layout of your office speaks volumes about your quality of work. This is more likely to make the client move to a competitor to avoid wasting money. 

Since employees are already disillusioned by working in a dirty office, the service quality will be poor. This will confirm the customer’s suspicion about working with a business that doesn’t mind cleanliness. The customer will likely write negative reviews about your industry, leading to reputational damage. This will likely affect your business financially since most customers read reviews before working with a new company. 


For Houston business owners with the signs listed above, it is high time you took the plunge to get professional assistance. A commercial janitorial agency has experienced and qualified staff to handle the cleaning requirements of all businesses regardless of industry or size. The cleaners will have the right cleaning equipment and methods to leave your office sparkling.