Bedroom tweaks To End Sleepless Nights

Sleepless Nights
Sleepless Nights

Do you spend time in bed without falling asleep? Insomnia is responsible for making you toss and turn in bed all night. About one in four adults suffer from mild insomnia. Failure to fall and stay asleep might be resulting from short term issues or poor sleeping habits. This can’t be fixed with prescription sleeping pills. It is important to make some tweaks in your bedroom to enhance your snoozing experience. 

You can’t ignore the benefits of a super comfortable bedroom in enhancing sleep quality. You most likely spend the whole night tossing and turning in bed when the bedroom is hot or the mattress is wonky. An uncomfortable sleep environment obviously makes falling asleep impossible. Perhaps you have chronic pain. Lack of appropriate sleep is likely to escalate the problem.

Bedroom tweaks to enhance sleep

Lower the temp

Sleep experts acknowledge that the ideal temperature to encourage sleep is about 60 to 72 degrees. Well, this might depend on your environment. Colder areas require increasing the temperature while hot places like Dubai might require lowering the temperature. However, adjust the thermostat until you discover ideal temperature comfortable for you. 

Invest in a comfortable mattress

Your mattress is obviously worn out if it is more than seven years old. This might be a problem for your poor sleep. It is high time you invested in the best quality mattress  to enhance your sleep. Investing in a new sleep surface will make you to always wake up relaxed and more refreshed. A new mattress will save you from body ache and limits the presence of bedbugs and dust mites that might have accumulated in the old mattress. Additionally, old mattresses usually accumulate dust and dirt that might lead to allergic reactions. 

Turn off the lights

Exposure to artificial light in the bedroom might inhibit sleep apart from being annoying. This suppresses the body’s ability to produce melatonin for enhancing sleep. Blackout all curtains, place black tape on the stereo alarm or clock to dim out any traces of artificial light. In extreme cases, you can wear eye mask to black your eyes out. Presence of darkness has significant impact on encouraging sleep.