Look stunning while running

Look stunning
Look stunning
No one expects to look like a supermodel as they work out and sweat, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t look good and feel confident, even when you go for a run. After all, taking the time to boost your fitness image will only boost your self-esteem, which will make you more energetic and motivated for your workouts.

1. Opt for the most flattering updo

Even though you may be all about wearing your hear down, you won’t like the feel or the look of it when you run and exercise. The best way to work out properly and don’t get irritated about hair sticking to your face and neck is to wear your hair up. Pony tail is definitely the most popular choice, but if you don’t fancy the style all that much, you can opt for a messy bun or a French braid. Play with different updos so that you can find a hairstyle that you like on you but that successfully keeps the hair out of your face as you move.

2. No-makeup makeup look

Some ladies won’t find it necessary to wear makeup when they exercise and that’s great. But, if you don’t like the feeling of your bare face or simply need a bit of a confidence boost that makeup can give you, always go for the natural and fresh look. A BB cream or tinted moisturizer with defined brows should be more than enough. Also, mineral makeup can be a great solution, especially if you have oily and acne-prone skin. It will also keep the shine away for longer if that’s something you worry about. Still, it’s essential that you keep in mind that sunscreen for both your face and body is a must if you’re going for a run outdoors. Luckily, these days, there are sunscreen sprays and fast-absorbing creams that are perfect for a physically active lady.