Fantastic Kitchen Remodeling Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind Away!

Kitchen Remodeling
Kitchen Remodeling

If you spend most of your time in kitchen preparing feast for your guest, cooking fancy meals for the family or making healthy lunch boxes for your kids then you must consider giving a stunning makeover to your kitchen.

Opt for kitchen remodeling ideas that make your kitchen more beautiful, comfortable and functional. Therefore, if you are planning to give a gorgeous makeover to your kitchen, then it is highly recommended to hire professional companies providing expert services of kitchen remodeling in San Francisco CA at economical rates.

Read on below to find about exciting kitchen remodeling ideas.

1. Painted or Glass Cabinets

Instead of replacing your old kitchen cabinets, paint it with fresh, bold and beautiful colors to brighten up your large or small kitchen. You can even install glass in your cabinets to make it easy for you to gauge which ingredient is in which particular cabinet.

Also install latest, innovative pull knobs for your cabinets that not only look attractive but also help in enhancing the beauty of your kitchen. If you have any leftover paint after painting your kitchen cabinets, then you can use it for your home remodeling project in the near future.

2. Add a Stunning Kitchen Island

If you don’t have a kitchen island in your current kitchen, then consider installing one, as it not only adds character to your kitchen but is also used for preparing meals, having quite a dinner and storing your expensive cutlery set. You can use your kitchen island for chopping, cutting and dicing vegetables. There are thousands of beautiful kitchen Island designs available in the market. Choose the one according to your kitchen size and layout.

3. Countertop Flair

Stunning countertops have a huge impact on your kitchen. New sleek granite or black textured marble top has the ability to transform the whole look of your kitchen and turn it into a piece of functional art.  You can use these countertops for kneading the dough, mixing exotic ingredients and chopping meat or vegetables.

Moreover, beautiful countertops tend to serve as a focal point for your entire kitchen. The experts you hired for professional remodeling services show you a multitude of countertop ideas, designs, and material. They will even give you their best advice as to what color, material and type will go with your kitchen theme.

4. Upgrade Your Appliances

One of the most important and popular kitchen updates is installing latest energy efficient appliances such as microwave, dishwasher, blender, chopper, instant pot, rice cooker, air fryer, sandwich maker, coffee machine and electric oven. These appliances will not only aid you to cook fancy dishes from tour family members but will also save your time spent in the kitchen.

5. Flooring

If you want to totally transform your kitchen, then redo your kitchen floors. Nowadays, many stunning kitchen flooring choices are available in the market from vinyl to hardwood, Mexican tiles to ceramic tiles. If you want durable, stain resistant, and easy to clean option then it is highly recommended to go for hardware floors.

6. Drive Traffic

If you have kids in your home, then try to keep the cooktop out of traffic areas so that your kids don’t cause spills or catch candles when running through the kitchen. Also, place your refrigerator in a place accessible to people working in clean up and cooking areas.

7. Right Place for Microwave

Place microwave in a location where it is easily accessible to kids and chef alike. For instance. for adults, 17 inches above counter top is an ideal height whereas for kids, below countertop set up is extremely suitable and safe.

8. Cooking range

Add a shelf right behind or beside your cooking range where you can keep essential ingredients, cooking oil and so ices handy .also install S hooks on either side of the range to hang pans and pots.

9. Lighting Fixture

Add more bright color lights in your kitchen to make it look bright, large and beautiful. You must hand beautiful chandelier right above your kitchen island to make it look more alluring and stunning. Also, have heavy lights installed above your cooking range and inside your cabinets.

10. Open up Your Kitchen for Guest

You will want to show off your latest kitchen once you have remodeled it. Try to incorporate a small breakfast table, corner bench one extra seating options for your family members and guest. Also, try toad bar top to your kitchen island so that you can dine or have a small hate party on it.

Final Word

Kitchen remodeling is a daunting task. Instead of doing it on your own, it is highly advised to hire experts to remodel your kitchen and transform it into a piece of art thus making it more comfortable and functional.

Author: Sarah is an experienced house interior designer and has been in this business for more than a 7 years. She is very enthusiastic about her work and keeps herself updated by the latest home improvement trend.