Experts say new Drug Ratings Tool is groundbreaking

The global social network for physicians, SERMO, has created a new Drug Ratings Tool that will make it easier for those in the medical field to share valuable information.

SERMO said this was a first for the world, adding that it remains the only peer-to-peer drug review system that is reliable. The authorities at SERMO say all the information on the review system is sourced exclusively from verified licensed physicians, which is ultimately the key to making this product successful.

The figures being bandied about are a quarter million in ratings, and an additional 20 000 comments from doctors throughout the globe.

While the sheer volume of the commentary is extraordinary, the real success story here is the quality of the content available on that tool, which is directly attributed to the fact that this is a peer-to-peer system.

It is groundbreaking.

“This is revolutionary for doctors – we trust our peers’ experiences most and often refer to each other when deciding what to prescribe,” said Dr. Linda Girgis, a family practitioner in the United States.

“Drug Ratings lets us hear from more of our colleagues, from all around the world in real time,” added Dr. Girgis, stressing the importance of the immediacy created by this tool.

Echoing similar sentiments was Dr. Heidi Moawad, a neurologist who was directly involved in the production of this tool. She said this was better than any medical networks currently available to those working in the field.

“To date, there have not been networks for physicians to share important information about experiences with the medications prescribed for patients. This new tool offers a large community of physicians access to see the subtle issues involved with medications,” said Dr. Moawad.

This new tool helps doctors, but more importantly, it has the capacity to save lives. For Dr. Moawad, that is ultimately the key ingredient with this product.

“Ratings will be an invaluable part of physicians’ daily routines. This level of transparency will enhance patient care,” added Dr. Moawad.

By Siya Mchunu

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