Beginner’s Guide to Bike Accessories

If you’ve just recently started biking, the choice of available accessories probably seems overwhelming. How do you figure out what to get? Some items may be really necessary, while others are optional but can make your ride more comfortable. Depending on how you plan to use your bike, some accessories may even hamper your progress. Learning how to select the right bicycle accessories can help you get the most out of your ride.

How To Know What You Need

Whatever biking lifestyle you embrace, there are some accessories any biker needs. This list generally consists of items you need to safeguard yourself and your bicycle:
  • Locks: The quality of the lock makes a big difference in terms of security. Look for a lock that is securely designed and made of strong materials.
  • Helmet: Bike helmets can make the difference between walking away with some bruising and landing in the hospital. Even the most experienced riders can wind up in an accident. Bicycle helmets are specifically designed for optimal protection, so do not use a helmet intended for other activities.
  • Bike lights: a must for those who ride at night or in weather conditions that can decrease visibility. Front and rear lights make it safer to share the road with cars. Other extras that can enhance safety include mirrors and reflective strips. A bell helps you signal pedestrians ahead of you.
  • Pump and toolkit: Even if your idea of bike repairs consists of heading to the nearest shop, you still need to have some basics on you just in case. Pumps, patch kits and some other essential tools are easy to learn to use and can get you out of a tough spot. If you want to gain more confidence in using these items properly, watching some step-by-step tutorials can help.
Whether you need additional accessories depends on your specific needs and circumstances. If you plan on biking to the store for grocery shopping, to sports events or to school, you may want to invest in items to help you carry bulky or heavy loads.  These may include racks, baskets, nets or bags.