Mobile Point of Sale Options are Better Than Ever

Once, it was the dream of every business owner to have a quick, simple way to accept payments of all sorts while on the move, to have a point of sale system that worked for them at festivals, outdoor markets and special events just as well as it worked for them behind the counter at their home base. The mobile point of sale system is by no means no, but it’s definitely closer to fulfilling that dream now than it ever has been before. Mobile POS systems are better than ever, with loads of new advancements that are sure to put a smile on the face of any busy, aspirational business owner.

Up-to-Date Technology

Old-school mobile point of sale options were clunky, confusing and not exactly the most elegant solution to your needs. Thankfully, modern mobile POS systems have broken away from this outdated tech and now offer sleek, straightforward performance with a focus on ease of access for everyone involved in the sales process. Many mobile solutions like the Booker POS are now tablet-based, and feature smooth, familiar tech that’s just as powerful as a desktop system. These tablets have plenty of screen room to provide clear, easy access to a wider range of functions than ever before, and make staying organized in any setting a breeze.

Smaller Systems

Modern systems have also placed great emphasis on the portability of mobile POS machines. While tablet-sized options will work for most settings, you may find yourself in need of even more flexible portability. This is where options like the CloverFlex comes in. This POS machine is approximately the size of a smartphone, and is capable of handling a huge number of tasks on the spot, such as:
  • Take orders
  • Process payments
  • Obtain signatures
  • Track inventory
  • Print receipts
  • Handle tip adjustments
Like the more tablet-oriented versions out there, these smaller systems still feature easy-to-use touchscreen capabilities. While they may be small, system like these are equally at home at the tableside or behind the counter of your main establishment.