A Men’s Lifestyle Guide to a Business Look

A Men’s Lifestyle Guide to a Business Look
A Men’s Lifestyle Guide to a Business Look

Looking professional and sharp isn’t just a way to dress for a business meeting. For men, looking professional and successful is a way of life and an integral part of one’s personality. But, how exactly does the way we dress affect our lifestyle and what can we do to improve the way we dress and feel?

Fake it till’ you make it

There’s a lot to be said about faking certain feelings and actions that you don’t feel you can honestly pull off, and looking business-professional is one of them. You might feel like you are an impostor, putting on a suit just to look professional, when you don’t really feel like it. However, putting the suit on every day, going into the world owning it, and acting like that is exactly how you feel will make people treat you like you are a professional and their reactions will influence you to start believing it, too. So, even if you feel like you don’t belong in a classy looking outfit, put it on and do your best impression, because it will come back around as a positive thing.

Find a look that suits you

Not every style will suit every man, and we’re not just talking about their body shape. Yes, that is important, but their personalities are important as well. It’s crucial to experiment and discover the things that you relate to in an outfit. And there’s no better person to help you with that than an expert tailor. They will give you all the advice to make you a perfect suit according to your body type, personality and even location. Men don’t dress the same around the world, so an expert in men’s suits in Sydney might suggest a lighter material like linen or cotton, while one in Oslo might suggest wool. And, when you find that perfect suit that makes you feel as good as you look, your confidence will soar, and that’s the most important thing about a business man.

Wear it in the off-hours

If you really want to embrace being a business man, you don’t get to take that persona off when you get home. Of course, you can be a family man, or a laid back man, but you should still keep a bit of that business part with you. When you go out with friends, wear pants and shoes instead of jeans and sneakers. On a summer vacation, go for light fabric shirts instead of being topless, and choose classy sandals as opposed to flip-flops.

It’s in the actions, not in the suit

The suit doesn’t make you a man you want to be. It’s in the actions, in the way you treat people and how you present yourself that you become who you want to be. To be a true gentleman, you need to be compassionate and kind, sharp and witty and full of solutions, rather than problems. When you wear that suit, it should be like superhero wearing a cape, you need to carry the responsibility of being a professional and really embrace what that means. It’s not all in the money and it’s definitely not all in being the alpha. Embrace the lifestyle and you will see your life improving.

So, when you decide to become a man of business, class and professionalism, finding a suit and finding the right attitude go hand in hand. Make sure you have a good role model to look up to and plenty of inspiration to help you develop both your fashion style and your lifestyle. Caring about your appearance and the fashion trends isn’t unmanly, in fact, it’s the best dressed men that are always seen as the most successful.