Top 5 Recreational Indoor Games

In a busy life, recreational activity is a must-have thing to keep the stress out of life. And indoor games can be an option to look at seriously as recreational activities. There are two forms of indoor sports and games available to play, but in this writing, we will just talk about the indoor games which need to be physical to play this. So, computer or mobile games will be out of the equation while choosing our top 5 recreational games which can be played indoor.

Top 5 Recreational Indoor Games at Home – Reviewed

First of all, we need to thank our editorial team for choosing the top 5 recreational indoor sports from the huge list available. Let’s check those selections.


When we are researching on indoor sports, the first game that comes to our mind is Basketball. As an indoor game, it gives recreational fun and good health as well. 

What do you need to play Basketball?

  • Basketball
  • Court
  • Shooting Equipment
  • Sport shoes and Jerseys
  • Backboard

You need to arrange that equipment to play Basketball. Both child and olds can play this game and enjoy their free time.

2.Ping Pong:

Pingpong is another popular indoor sports all across the USA. From young to old can involve in these sports and enjoy their recreational time. This is why the popularity of this sport is increasing rapidly day by day.

Equipment to play this :

  • Ping pong ball
  • Ping pong Paddle
  • Court
  • Net etc.

These are the requirements to play ping pong. One thing to share with you that cheap ping pong paddle will not run for long. So, buy your ping pong paddle from quality brands. It is now your time to play this and have fun.

3.Table tennis:

Table tennis is another indoor sport which is very popular as recreational activities. It needs a lesser area and pieces of equipment than other indoor games described in the upper section. 

Let’s check the equipment to play this.

  • Table tennis ball
  • Game playing table
  • Net
  • Table tennis bat

These are not that costly to arrange. Hope you try these at your home and have great fun.


Bowling is a pure recreational indoor game and people are crazy to play this in free time. You can find this in every club and can fit in the house too. The arrangement is a bit costly, but fun it gives recoups the expense for sure.

Bowling Equipment

  • Bowling balls
  • Bowling lane
  • Bowling machine
  • Bowling ball retriever
  • Playing Space

Most of the equipment is costly but not need to buy again and again.


Racquetball is our last selection in this writing and players get unlimited fun from these sports. Racquet sport can be played as outdoor and indoor sports both and both is very popular all across the world.

What do you need to play Racquetball?

  • A hollow rubber ball
  • Playing court
  • The particular type of rackets.
  • Sports shoe.

It can be played single and double and full family can take part in these by one. It needs physical labor to play and burn between 600 to 800 calories in one hour game and boost your testosterone levels as well. So, it keeps us fit and that’s why we pick this game on our list.

Final Speech:

Sports is made for fun and if we get it at our home, then it becomes more valuable. I hope our listing of top 5 indoor recreational games and sports will help you find your fun in life. No more today, we will back soon with other exciting writing for you. Stay safe and stay happy.