5 Money-Saving Tips for Parents of Pre-Schoolers


They say the best things in life are free… but a lot of the other stuff can cost a fortune! Here are five great money-saving tips for parents with young children.

Reusable nappies

No, we don’t mean those things our mothers and grandmothers used. Nappy ‘technology’ has come a long way in recent years and modern-day reusable nappies will quickly save you money and help save the planet. Although there is an initial expense of purchasing the nappies, you can save up to R10 000 until your child is potty trained – and you can double that with a second child. Products like Fancy Pants can simply be chucked into the washing machine and dry quickly to be used again. As an added bonus, unlike expensive disposables that destroy the environment, cloth nappies contain no harmful chemicals and are lined with a bamboo/cotton blend so that only natural materials touch baby’s delicate skin.


Keeping kids entertained can get very expensive, very quickly. Look into memberships with your local attractions – an annual pass will often pay for itself in just 3 visits…and you can fit a lot into 365 days! Plus if you know you can come back as much as you like, you won’t feel obliged to drag your kids through the whole exhibit to be sure you’re getting your money’s worth. In Cape Town for example, the Two Oceans Aquarium, World of Birds and Kirstenbosch Gardens offer great deals for families.

Buy (and sell) second hand clothes online

Since kids grow up – and destroy clothes – so quickly, it’s very difficult to keep them looking trendy year-round. Buying like-new second-hand clothes from a reputable website IS the best way to save money on children’s clothes. As for the clothes they did not get to wear because they outgrew them before the correct season came around, or only put on a few times and still look new, you can make some money by selling second hand kids clothes to a site like Petit Fox.