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A perfectly decorated house is a source of pride and joy for its owners. Not only does your guests are impresses with it, you yourself would admire the things in your house that makes it so great. Houses need to be exciting places where you want to come back to and enjoy them. One of the ways to make sure that your house is as exciting as any other is by installing wallpaper on your walls. Back in the days, people used to prefer wallcoverings over paints because you had more liberty to do things with wallpaper. However, for a brief period of time, wallpaper was replaced by paints, but soon people realized that they do not get the same amount of joy from painting their walls as they get from attaching wallcoverings to them.

Why Wallcoverings?

It has a very easy and simple answer to entertain, that wallcoverings look far greater than paints, because it has so many variations in styles so you can find unique wallcovering in DC. This style really brings the entire room together. Apart from that, wallcoverings are way more convenient than paint. You just have to attach an already prepared paper to the wall, while if you opt for paint, remember that you would have to pay the contractor for a number of days of work, usually it runs into weeks, and secondly, you can’t live in the house following the paint job due to the intense fumes. 

Wallpaper Installation

DC Wallpaper installation is not that easy of just gluing the paper to the wall. In order to make sure that paper lasts the longest time period, does not lose its appeal, and your money and effort does not go down the drain, then it is important that a professional wallpaper installer must be consulted.

The first step in wallpapering services in DC is to prepare the wall for the wallcovering. The wall needs to be fixed if it has dents, or it is broken at places. First of all, these depressions need to be filled and if there are any other imperfections, then those things also need to be smoothened out like scratches. 

The second step in the process is to have no previous textures or remnants of previous wallpaper be left. If, a texture or pieces of wallpaper might be stuck to the wall, the surface would be uneven and rough so the texture or pieces of paper would show on the paper you would install. 

The third step for wall coverings in Washington DC is that to clean the wall of all the solution, dust and debris. Different wallpaper installers use different methods to clean the wall, but a lot of installers prefer to use vinegar solution to make sure that your wall is perfectly ready for the wallpaper to be pasted on it. 

The fourth and the final step is to paste the wallpaper itself. This work might seem easy, but it isn’t because there is very, very low margin for error. The wallpaper comes in small cuttings, they are not custom designed to the dimensions of you wall, which means that they do not exist as one single sheet for the entire wall. Small, repetitive cuttings of wallpaper need to be adjusted together to make sure that a pattern emerges that is really great to look at. Even, if one single sheet of wallpaper is tilted by few centimeters, or the wallpaper has bulge at any point, or the wallpaper has started to crumble, then be sure that you have gotten a poor professional tasked with hanging murals in Washington DC. 

Extend the life of your wallpaper

Wallpaper is a piece of paper that has been pasted on your wall to give a good impression. Like any other paper, it too is very easy to break, it could collect dust, and the colors on the paper would eventually, fade away. However, you can make sure that your wallpaper does not loses its charm and the colors on the paper remain bright and powerful, by having the installation with a professional, experienced and knowledgeable mural hangers in DC

These installers are tasked with the job of using the right number of adhesives so that neither the paper starts to crumble soon after pasting them nor too much of adhesives that the paper becomes wet and tears away. 

However, there are some very selective wallpaper service providers who can and possess limited mix that forms a protective layer of the wallpaper. This mix of protective layer is usually not mass produced by any company, rather it is prepared by the installers themselves. This in fact distinguishes a good installer from an excellent one. 

Important Features of Protective Layer Mix

There are many advantages of this layer. That includes that with time the charm or appeal of the paper won’t be lost. This charm come from the very fast and bright colors of the paper that won’t fade if this layer is applied to your paper. 

Second advantage happens to be that this layer from a protective layer on the paper. Dust won’t collect on it, and if some amount of dust does remain, the wallpaper can be cleaned with just one stroke of dry cloth. Even, if some water or any other unreactive liquid is poured over the wall accidentally, even then the wall can be cleaned very easily. 

The third and the final advantage is that the removable wallpaper installation would last the longest as it won’t start to crumble and peel off, neither the paper would be dented and lose its strength.