10 Trending Ideas to Transform Your Small Kitchen

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Transforming Your Small Kitchens:

Regardless of how small your kitchen is, latest trends help in utilizing all of that small space wisely. These trending ideas totally transform your small kitchen into something you must have seen in movies. Updating your kitchen design helps you in getting a dream kitchen without moving to a new place. Here are some brilliant and trending ideas to transform your small kitchen

LED Lighting

You do not need a huge kitchen for installation of LED lights. The integrated silicone LED strips can be installed in your kitchen to enhance the design and appearance of the space. 

Using blocks as cabinets

The designers have introduced this creative style of using butcher’s blocks to be used as cabinets by adding an aluminum frame and sliding racks. The cabinets are mostly transformed into curiosity cabinets which are hidden in between other cabinets. 

Reduce the noise

You do not need to wear noise-reducing headphones while you are cooking in kitchen. There are modern cooker hoods available in the market which help in cooking food with reduced noise. Moreover, these hoods also offer sleek and elegant look to enhance the beauty of the kitchen. 

Separate unit for wines and drinks

The bars are becoming out-fashioned now. Homeowners are liking the new trend of installing special wine conditioning units, solely for storing wine and drinks. You can store all of your wine collection these units, forming a sleek display. These units come with glass holders and racks. The best thing about these wine conditioning units is that you can set independent temperature zones for the red, white wines as well as champagnes at their advised temperature inside a single unit. 

Use ceramics

If you do not want a warm look, you can go for a cold appearance provide by ceramic stones. The colorful ceramics can be use din wall tiles, floor as well as countertops to create a classic design. Some interior designers introduce different shapes of ceramics to add some twist in the overall appearance of the kitchen. 

Wok Burner

You can get rid of your old hobs now. The latest style of stove provides you induction hobs which is operated by touch control. Moreover, these induction hobs have automatic pan detection system. You do get a wok burner which runs on gas. The combination helps in meeting your culinary needs and providing you the best cooking experience in efficient way. 

Change the floor

Instead of having a typical kitchen floor, add some color to the kitchen by installing patterned tiles. The vinyl flooring provides you an option to play with colors and patterns. You can choose traditional tile patterns or geometric patterns to form interesting patterns on the floor. 

Choosing color

If you already have a small kitchen, then you should be careful with the paint color selection. Colors can give you an illusion of a bigger kitchen, if chosen wisely. You can use pastel colors on the walls with darker cabinets and drawers to create an interesting contrast. You can also hire an interior designer to help you with the Small kitchen design ideas. A professional can visit your house and look at your kitchen closely in order to suggest a perfect design. 


If you have a huge fan or extractor installed in your kitchen, then you need to replace it as soon as possible. Bulky fans can ruin the whole appearance of your small kitchen. Sleek and minimalist kitchens need concealed extractor fans. 

Upgrade the sink

You can add further aesthetic upgrades to your kitchen by replacing your old sink with marble sinks. The sleek marble patterns and designs with smooth texture add beauty to your kitchen