Get the Top 5 Katanas for Sale in Canada

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Katana collection is another widely popular hobby. With time you get more devoted to your passion. It is advised by the katana experts to gain complete knowledge before purchasing katana. Are you planning to add a new piece to your katana collection in Canada? Keep scrolling to know more about Canada’s top 5 katanas for sale. 

Classic Katana by Romanceofmen 

The classic katana by Romanceofmen is available through delivery in Canada. It is an authentic katana with Hamon with clay tempered on. The overall size of the sword is 40 cm. it is made up of high carbon steel. The blade is sharpened on one side with a Japanese whetstone. The price range of their beautiful katanas is from $100-300. For more katana for sale in Canada, visit the website. You can get your order in 7-10 working days. 

Toyotomi Hideyoshi Katana by Reliks Canada 

Reliks is one of the most popular brands for katana sales in Canada. It is an online extension to their store in London, ON. Reliks has established a great rapport among sword enthusiasts. They are widely famous for authentic katanas and professionalism. Toyotomi Hideyoshi was the chief minister of Japan in 1585. This katana is known by the name of the chief minister.  The overall length of the katana is 40 cm with a 2 lbs. weight. It is available for $1280 for delivery in Canada. 

Yanone Katana by Swords of the East

Swords of the East is a famous seller among katana lovers. Their service and katana collection leaves the customers satisfied. It is a good brand in terms of price. Yanone Katana by Dragon King is their successful product. The overall size of the sword is 40 cm. It has a forged steel blade with a sharpened side. It is made up of carbon steel. The katana weighs around 2 lbs. The price of this delicate piece of art is $400. 

Fire & Steel – “Day” Katana by Fire and Steel, Canada 

Fire and steel is a fantastic e-commerce store. The “Day” katana is made up of carbon steel, ideally aiming for affordability. The sword is designed with its sister katana “night.” Both swords can be purchased together and separately as per customers’ preferences. The sheath of the sword has a blue dragon design on it. The Tsuba is made up of zinc alloy. The “Day” Katana is available for the amazing price of $74.99 through delivery. People can also visit the store at 9-2505 Dunnwin Dr, Mississauga, ON, for katanas for sale in Canada. 

Cold Steel Warrior Katana Sword by Warriors & Wonders, Canada

Warriors and Wonders is the only store that can give competition to Reliks in terms of quality and service. At any time, the brand has around 10,000 products in stock, making it one of the biggest sword-selling brands in Canada. The price of the products is higher than other competitors in the market. The store has a massive customer base from Canada. Cold Steel Warrior Katana is an article from the Warrior Katana series. It has cold-wrapped holders and fittings. The overall size of the sword is 40 cm. It is made up of 1060 carbon steel. The sword comes with a black lacquered wood scabbard and blue sword protection bag. The price of this product is $539.00. 


There are many sellers of katanas in the market; beware of the frauds and always go for reliable brands.