Stained glass wall and window decor for your home

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Stained glass wall offers quite an amazing addition to any room. New wall designs and styles have also been created for a better look in our homes. We only tend to add some wall decor when we are planning to host a party in our homes but how about making some wall decorations using stained glass to make your home more appealing. It will not only make your home more amazing but also give you a more cheerful moment while at home. Therefore if you are planning to add some stained glass wall in your room then there is quite a range of options to consider from the traditional designs to the current classic wall hanging decor. There is quite a large variety to choose from based on your preferences and your budget estimates as well. Below are some of the top ideas for some amazing stained glass wall decor.

Fabric feathers wall decor

The fabric feathers wall decor are easy to make and also an affordable option to consider. All you need is simply some fabric in your favorite color and a rope to hang the decor. A white, black, grey and pink color combinations may be great options to consider. Such window hanging makes a perfect solution for an amazing curtain.

Baby shower window drops

If you are not interested in the feather design decor then some baby shower drop window hanging designs could be a better option to consider. It is not only affordable but also an easy decor to make. It adds to the amazing look of your home. You could choose different colors that matches your home.

Paper crafts

The geometric paper crafts is a popular decor nowadays. There are quite a variety of shapes and forms to choose to improve your home appearances it is a simple way to decorate your home and also an affordable option to may however take an hour to make the crafts but the result is indeed worth the time spent. You can choose your preferred color and identify a more appealing shape to hang on your wall.

Adding stained glass in various rooms

Laundry room

The laundry area is also a great place to install the stained glass wall. Most at times the laundry room is given the least attention and this is probably the time that you should consider adding some decor into it and improving its appearance as well.


This is also a more appropriate way to put stained glass wall in your house. However you need to be careful with the design that you consider fir such a room. Leaving a clear wall space in the designs that you choose may be a great option to consider. You should however make some decors at the top of the windows to improve the appearance.

Entries and doorways

The door entries is one of the simply ways to add some decor in your house. It may be difficult to decorate the doorways buy with the idea of making some decorations on the entries with the stained glasses then the look can be so amazing. It makes an appealing impression to guests and visitors who come to your home. However you need to be careful about choosing a more appropriate color that would be more appealing to your guests.


Bathrooms are often ignored when making home decorations. Adding stained glass decorations would thus be a great idea to provide some theme to your bathroom. You may want to ensure maximum privacy on your bathroom but the heavy curtains are not quite appealing, the stained glasses thus makes the best choice. You can add some above your bathroom vanity or even behind the tub.

Stained glasses is one of the great decor to consider to improve your home appearance. There are quite available designs and styles to consider to make a more appealing look in your home. The stained glass decor brings the magic of lightening your home and making a more customized interior design. You should however ensure that you chose a more appropriate color and better designs that matches your house interiors. You can make the stained glass installations in various rooms but you need to ensure that you make a perfect selection while choosing the glass patterns and colors to install in every room. Glass Art Stories is a widely reputed company in the production of quality stained glass decors and therefore if you are looking for quality items to bring some light into your home then the company is great option to consider –