The method of promoting business products through the succinct use of archetypes

  • The online promotion of an archetype:
In the present situation, it is vital to have an archetype to shape up one’s business brand. The lack of an archetype will rob the brand of its essential human touch needed for making the productpopular in society. There are many branding archetypes but going for a popular branding archetype won’t be a suitable decision when it comes to online promotion. The archetype is an ensemble of positive human values, and therefore the brand has to be matched with the archetype and not vice versa. Once the most suitable archetype is selected, then the brand has to be put forth before the virtual audience with that archetypal aura. A particular archetype might suit one’s business but might be opposed to another business, so it depends on the understanding of the business owner to choose the correct archetype that promotes the business product.