Build The Best Assets With Email Signups Using Instagram

Contrary to the popular belief that email is now an old school method to promote business, it is true for all types of businesses that an email list is probably the best asset that will help a business grow and succeed. If you want to generate more email signups to build your business the best way is to use Instagram. You can rest assured that even advertising account ban or any change in the Google Algorithm will be able to take your email list away from you.

A lot happens in the modern day online marketing world. To make the best use of it your email list will always provide you with a direct line of communication with your customers who are still eager to hear from you. This will effectively and efficiently increase their interest on your product encouraging them to buy it thereby generating more sales and revenue for your business. According to different reports:

  • About 80% of all retail professionals say that email is the most significant driver to their business I terms of customer retentionand 
  • Around 59% of B2B marketers say that email is the most effective channel for revenue generation for their business.

This means if you are not getting results at par then it is highly likely that you are not making the best use of your email marketing campaign and it is time for an upgrade. However, this does not mean you should start it all from scratch. You will simply need to diversify the current ways in which you are building your email list.

Diversify your approach

The most significant change that you need to make is using multiple channels to build your email list instead of relying on only one channel. This is because when you use only one channel, it will make your email campaign more vulnerable to any changes made in that channel preventing a steady growth of your email list.

Therefore, diversification should be a priority and the most effective approach is using the Instagram platform. Though it is lesser known but there are lots of proofs that a lot of people especially businesses have successfully build their email list using Instagram.

For a beginner or a non-believer it may sound like a very weird concept but the entirety of it, it is not too difficult realistically to build an email list. There are a few simple tactics you can follow to drive more people on your email list. There are a few more advanced approaches as well to drive more Instagram followers and achieve this result.

The working process

The entire concept and process works in a bit confusing manner and it might seem to be a long drawn process as well. However, the reason for the popularity of using Instagram to generate more email signups is that:

  • It gives people a reason for it
  • It creates or finds the ideal audience
  • It helps to place a link to the email list and in the bio section of your Instagram account and
  • It asks people to join your list.

It will also help you to work out who your audience is, why they will or will not signup, what type of incentive offered will encourage them to sign up and lots more. 

When you know these points, it will provide you with enough data to find and curate anextremelydirected audience on Instagram that will be most receptive to your sign-up requests.

Once you have built up an audience, you may now let this audience know about the email list along with the benefits of signing up. The best way to convincethem to sign-up to your email listis by proposing them something in exchange for their email address. To get people sign-up to your email list depending on the kind of business you are engaged in are:

  • Offering a free trial
  • Offering a discount code
  • Providing some form of information that the target audience will enjoy and love to know.

To know the nuances, these following examples will be of great help to you to get people to sign-up with your email list:

  • If you have an ecommerce store, provide customers with a discount code when they sign up or a rebate in their purchase value of their first order
  • If you run a SaaS business, you can suggest a 14-day free trial or provide a piece of content to sign up with your email list.
  • If you own a services business, you can provide a compelling a piece of content again to persuade people to sign-up and also generate conversions.

However, for most of the businesses giving away a piece of content seems to be the greatest and most effective way to make people join an email list.

Creating a piece of content

Care and concern is required to create a piece of content and ideally, there are two specific approaches that you can follow:

  • Content that will give a full rundown on a specific topic and 
  • Material that will help people to solve or avoid any specific kind of issue.
  • Ideally, these two approaches will enable you to reach out to all types of people who may be at different stages of their buying journey.

It is best to create and promote ‘consideration or decision’ contents when people enter into the sales funnel. This approach will ensure that you market your product even to those people you might have dismissed your profile or content initially feeling that it dealth with those issues that were not relevant to them.

You will need to create a good and responsive Instagram audienceto join your email list and for that, you will need to post these contents consistently so that the people find it interesting. The best way to do is to post pictures of:

  • Your products
  • How these are made
  • People using it
  • People behind it
  • Any comical content resonating the audience and 
  • Your employees.

This approach will work equally well for both B2B as well as B2C brand niche.