The Evolution of Fantasy Cricket Games

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Fantasy Cricket Games

Cricket in India is considered nothing short of a religion. Often people surround their lives around cricket and consider the players like a God. However, they are not merely superficial fans. These people hold extensive knowledge with regards to this sport. This growing popularity has contributed to the immense growth of fantasy cricket apps these days. Initially, the idea behind fantasy cricket apps was to cater to the devotion of cricket fans; however, with the growing popularity today, it has emerged as one of the prominent online games in the world. 

The Expansive Market of Fantasy Cricket Apps 

Cricket is a highly lucrative industry and one of the most profitable markets in the nation. There are over one billion fans across the globe of this game between the age of 16 and 60 who are devoted to cricket and download fantasy cricket app. 90% of these fans belong to India. Moreover, 95% of cricket fans have a huge craze of ICC Cricket World Cup, as well as 88% of them,  showed their huge interest in ODIs. However, the T20 format bagged the most popularity, with 92% of them being interested in it. Test cricket witnesses around 70% of the fans who are interested mainly in the matches between England and Wales. 

The Growing Number of Fantasy Cricket 

As of March 2018, there were more than 20 billion fantasy cricket users, and this figure experiences a growth of 2 million every two months. According to the Indian Federation of Sports Gaming (IFSG), the sphere of fantasy cricket is expected to surpass 100 million users by the year 2020. This game is rapidly gaining attraction across the globe. Over 70% of the users of this game are mobile users that have contributed to the growth of fantasy cricket apps. Considering the popularity of fantasy cricket games, many companies are working towards entering the market. 

A Growing Future for the Industry 

It is not a surprise that India is the strongest market, and more and more people download fantasy cricket app. In 2017, the popularity of such an app rose from 18% to 20%. Every year, there are tons of cricket tournaments hosted, including IPL, test matches, big bash, ODI matches, etc. This provides numerous opportunities for users to participate in fantasy cricket. 

Moreover, along with England and Australia, India is one of the biggest markets for fantasy cricket. 2019 witnessed a major cricket schedule comprised such as South Africa, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and India. 

Along with cricket, a fantasy cricket app allows players to include other games as well and establish a fan following. There are over 300 million viewership in India alone, even though it is not a participant. Fantasy cricket platform such as Dream11 is legal in India and considered a lucrative game of skills. This is another important reason why fans are attracted to it. Fantasy Cricket games have increasingly become popular among gamers across the globe. Viewing its existing popularity, we can expect to witness major development in this industry that will attract more players worldwide.