Citrus Fruits – 6 Essential Health Benefits

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When talking about citrus fruits, we are referring to all the fruits that come under this classification, which include, Oranges, Grapefruit, Lemons, Kumquat, Tangerines, Lime Fruit and many more!  All these fruits have one main thing in common and that is that they all have acidic qualities and are practically oozing with Vitamin C!

Citrus Fruits

The acidity content in citrus fruits is a healthy and organic nutritional element that some people may dislike as it can come off too strong at times.
Citrus fruits have been valued for their part as a nutritious and healthy diet for centuries.

Citrus Fruits began in Southeast Asia in 4000bc and slowly spread to Africa from which, during the middle ages, slowly spread to Europe. Spanish explorers then introduced them to America. Citrus Fruits however were not traded worldwide until the 19th century.

Citrus Fruits Nutritional Information

Citrus Fruits are not only the most preferred fruits in terms of taste but are also a valuable treasure like no other when it comes to their nutritional benefits!

These fruits of wonders are packed and loaded with Vitamin C! Not only that; citrus fruits contain all sorts of nutritional benefits that will leave you exhausted just reading about them!

These essential nutrients include a vast multitude of minerals including; Calcium, Potassium, Folate, Phosphorous, Copper and Magnesium.
Moreover, citrus fruits contain generous portion of Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, Riboflavin, Thiamin, Niacin, and Panthothenic Acid! And it gets even better – Citrus fruits have no fat, Sodium, or Cholesterol! What more can you want?

Health Benefits of Citrus Fruits

As Citrus Fruits are loaded with several kinds of nutrients, they can provide you with promises of better health without letting you down! So pack up all your disappointments and make space for some citrus fruits in your life!

Good For Your Heart!

One of the main culprits of heart disease is a type of cholesterol that is extremely harmful at high levels; this is oxidized low-density lipoprotein, (LDL) Cholesterol.

Luckily, high intake of vitamin C (though the raw form or juices of oranges, grapefruits, etc) can prevent these levels from increasing even in the presence of high saturated fat.

Prevents Cancer

Studies have shown that continuous consumption of citrus fruits develops a protective effect against cancer cells. This is because vitamin C acts as an antioxidant; warding off the harmful and cancerous effects of Free Radicals!

For Kidney Stones

Kidney stones are crystal like structures that are formed from excessive salt in the urine – calcium stones being one of the most common (and painful) forms of kidney stones to develop.  Drinking citrus juice (such as orange or lemon) increases the level of citrate in your urine; reducing the risk of certain kinds of kidney stones including calcium stones.

Note:  Research has found that grapefruit may actually increase your risk of developing kidney stones. It would be wise to consult your doctor before you decide to stock up on citrus juice!

Excellent For Bone Health!

Not many are aware that Vitamin C is needed to absorb calcium – this implies that calcium is of little use if it’s not getting absorbed! Citrus fruits naturally contain high amounts of vitamin C and hence should be regularly consumed! +

A Magic Solution for your Skin!

There is nothing better fruit for your skin than citrus fruits. Each and every citrus fruit, from lemons to grapefruits – they can all provide your skin with everything you have dreamed of!

The content of antioxidants and vitamins present in citrus fruits helps keep the skin light, reduces freckles, discoloration and scars. They are also an amazing treatment for oily skin and acne!


Believe it or not, but citrus fruits prevent early aging.  Regular consumption of citrus fruits may prevent the skin from drooping and from the development of wrinkles.