Grapefruit Nutrition Facts and 6 Health Benefits

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About Grapefruit – Treat Yourself To A Taste Of Tropical Paradise



A fruit that features an interesting mix of tartness infused with just the right amount of sweetness deserves this flattering name coined by the Latins- Citrus ParadisiThis name is a literal reference to the exotic flavor of the grapefruit.

There are manydifferent varieties of grapefruits. These varieties, which include the red grapefruit, pink grapefruit and white grapefruit, are classified according to the color of the flesh. This succulent fruit is available throughout the year. However, take note that winter to early spring is when the grapefruit is at its finest. 

This large citrus fruit bears a close similarity to the orange and lemon, and thus grapefruit health benefits are closely related to those provided by oranges and lemons. It is not only the pulp of the grapefruit that provides numerous health benefits; the peel can also be utilized to extract grapefruit oil for aromatherapy!

Grapefruit Nutritional Information

Grapefruits are a powerhouse of wholesome nutrients and vitamins. Half a grapefruit, about 128 grams, contains an impressive 73.3% of vitamin C, 23.7% of Vitamin A, 5.6% of dietary fiber and 5% of Potassium.
The health benefits of grapefruits are further enhanced by substantial levels of Vitamin B5 and B1. These vitamins and minerals keep the body healthy, strong and disease-free!

If you’re looking for wholesome, low calorie food to add to your weight-loss diet, you’ve found the right fruit! There are only 40 calories in a grapefruit (per 128 grams)!

Grapefruit Health Benefits

This tangy subtropical citrus fruit has a marvelous variety of health benefits that contribute to keeping your body fit and strong!

Cancer Protection!

Grapefruits contain Lycopene, a carotenoid pigment that colors the pulpy flesh in a deep red hue. Research shows that Lycopene acts as a cancer-prevention agent, uncovering and effectively eliminating cancer causing free radicals from the body. It works at an optimum level in the presence of Vitamin A and Vitamin C, both of which are present in generous amounts in the grapefruit.

Another important health benefit lies in the presence of the antioxidant Naringenin. This antioxidant specifically works towards repairing the damaged DNA in prostate cancer cells. This helps to restrict the cancer and prevents it from spreading.

Prevents Arthritis!

The salicylic acid content in grapefruits prevents the buildup of inorganic calcium in the cartilage of joints. Inorganic calcium, if allowed to buildup, increases the risk of contracting arthritis. Arthritis sufferers are recommended to mix apple cider vinegar with grapefruit juice to alleviate their arthritis symptoms.

Facilitates Weight Loss!

A grapefruit a day helps you lose weight!
Dig into that grapefruit! High water content and low sodium content are just two of the factors that contribute to weight loss. Grapefruits also contain enzymes that function as efficient fat-burners! These three factors combine to form a fabulous combination of metabolism increasing agents. Lose that stubborn body fat by having one grapefruit or a glass of grapefruit juice daily!

Antiseptic Properties!

Grapefruits contain salicylic acid which functions as a powerful antiseptic. Bacterial and fungal infections can be successfully cured by mixing grapefruit seed extract with water and spraying it onto the affected area.

A Powerhouse of Antioxidants!

The high antioxidant content in grapefruits protects the body from various viral infections. It is also an effective cure for influenza and fever. Grapefruit nutrients also enhance the body’s immune system, reduce and regulate cholesterol levels, dissolve gallstones and improve the functioning of the liver.

How to Enjoy the Grapefruit

Grapefruits are usually consumed fresh. Slice the fruit in half, spoon out the refreshing pulp and relish the exotic flavor of this citrus delight! Toss some fresh grapefruit into your crunchy green salad or refreshing fruit salad or add a dash of grapefruit to your homemade salsa.

Even better, treat yourself to a cold, tall glass of grapefruit juice to kick-start your day. Experiment with this succulent fruit, and create your own unique recipes!

Possible Heath Concerns

People taking prescription drugs to treat cholesterol problems should refrain from consuming fresh grapefruits or grapefruit juice. Grapefruits can alter the normal effect of many drugs on the body. These drugs include those used to treat depression, seizures, allergies, high blood pressure and HIV.