Tangerines Nutrition Facts

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Tangerines – For A Bite Sized Orange! Tangerines are a smaller sized variety of mandarin oranges. One cannot resist from looking at this adorable fruit and mouthing ‘Aww’! They are characterized by their tarty tangy flavor. A small sized tangerine actually consists of a higher amount of vitamin C than does a large sized orange! This medium sized fruit has a bright orange outer skin cloaking the pulpy flesh inside.

Even though tangerines are more widely recognized for their tartness, the essence of this pulpy orange range from irresistibly sweet to that temptingly sour!  

This tender, juicy, sour fruit houses the same kind of nutrients that oranges do. Let’s take a look at this versatile fruit, the health and nutritional benefits tangerines garner and some exciting ways in which you can incorporate them in your diet! 

Tangerines Nutritional Information

These little citrus wonders are jam-packed with a multitude of nutrients. They are high in value when it comes to vitamin C, which helps in cancer prevention and strengthening of the immunity system.
This citrus delight also consists of Folate, beta carotene and a variety of other vitamins, such as vitamins B1, 2 and 3! Also, they are high in fiber and help speed up the digestive system.

Health Benefits Of Tangerines

Vitamin C And Anti-oxidant Properties!

Like all other citrus fruits, tangerines are high in vitamin C content. Vitamin C is an essential antioxidant that protects our body from free radical damage, which in turn strengthens our body’s immunity system and protects us from a multitude of infections, keeping them at bay! Vitamin C is also an anti-cancer and an anti-viral agent, helps in prevention from neurodegenerative diseases, arthritis, the nasty common cold and fever too!

Lowers Cholesterol!

The fibrous white tissue found in tangerines is a rich source of soluble fiber. One of the highly recognized benefits of foods high in fiber is that they help in maintaining low levels of cholesterol. Also, tangerines consist of a very important flavonoid called ‘hesperidin’. Studies have documented for hesperidin to be effective in lowering cholesterol and regularizing blood pressure levels.

Weight Loss Regime!

The high content of fiber found in tangerines makes it a dietary essential when trying to lose weight! The presence of high fiber content helps us feel fuller for a longer period of time. This tricks our body into believing it is satiated, and this prevents us from overindulging and making poor food choices by turning to fatty foods!

Blood Purifying Agent!

Tangerine is a very efficient blood purifier. It is known to boost our body’s capacity of oxygen retention, which in turn helps in blood purification. Moreover, it assists in the excretion of toxins and pollutants in our bodies such as uric acid and extra salt,which lead to healthier blood vessels.


Tangerines are a natural antiseptic remedy! They put up a brave battle against the dreaded bacteria that infect our bodies. The essential oil of tangerines especially, helps in fighting these bacteria and curing septic.

No Rumbling Tummies!

Tangerines consist of an ample supply of fiber which helps in efficient functioning of the digestive system. Tangerines also consist of a substantial amount of Pectin which further enhances stomach health. It aids in maintaining the required balance between acid and bile, and cures all stomach inflammations and infections like a pro!

The Indeed Essential – Essential Oils!

Tangerine essential oils are looked upon favorably as tonics that assist in proper functioning of the body. They work wonders in boosting the immunity system and metabolism alike, and tone up the liver, stomach and the intestines too! The mellow, sweet, alluring scent of the oil makes it a must have too!

Source Of Calcium!

Tangerines consist of calcium as well, building strong bones and shiny white teeth.

Cardio Health!

Tangerines contain a sizeable amount of potassium which is an essential mineral promoting good and a hearty heart health! Potassium is an important component required by our cells and in our body fluid that helps stabilize heart rates and blood pressure by counterbalancing effects of sodium.

How To Enjoy!

Tangerines have varying flavors, ranging from sugary sweet to acidic tangy! This characteristic in particular is what makes it an exciting ingredient to a host of recipes! Here are a few!

Want your kids hooked onto this nutritional wonder? Make them a fruit punch that will leave them pleading for more. Use tangerines in a fruit punch with the pulp intact, add the juice of other favorites among children, jam the punch with crushed ice and there, a perfect treat in the scorching heat!

Use tangerines for that added kick to your favorite sauce or use it in a yummy marinade for a sweet and sour feel. Moreover, Tangerine zest has that special flavor which brings out the taste in pastries, muffins, biscuits and ice cream!

Possible Health Concerns!

Insecticides and pesticides are very commonly applied over most citrus fruits. Before intake, the fruit should be thoroughly washed to avoid any unforeseen implications! Organically grown tangerines have a safer nutritional profile and should be preferably consumed over the inorganic kind.