Five Types of Garages for Remodeling and Expansion

Garages for Remodeling

Whether your family is growing, or it’s your car collection, there are plenty of reasons to have your garage upgraded. When homeowners typically have a car too many for their garage space, they will leave their extra car(s) out in their driveway, which obviously makes them vulnerable to thieves and intruders, harsh weather, and other outside forces. Making sure all of your cars are safe inside your garage will prevent the worst that could happen to them.

Another alternative you can do would be moving to a new home with a bigger garage, but you likely aren’t able to find many homes with room for more than two cars, making the only viable option to remodel your existing garage.

Truth be told, there are many different types of garages that you can build or expand to, and the options you have depend on the size and available space you have on your property. Here are all the kinds of garages that can be built or remodeled for extra cars.


Attached is the most common type of garage there is, and for good reason. If you own an attached garage, you are likely very grateful how you can park your car without having to walk to your home, like unattached or detached garages. Attached garages can definitely be remodeled, but it will require additional space so that you can fit more cars inside of it.

For homeowners that do not have a garage at all, you should consider remodeling your home so that it has an attached one. Specialists that can do the best home remodeling in Phoenix AZ can ensure that you finally have a safe place to park your car.


Detached garages predate attached ones, but they are still not uncommon in homes. These garages are separate buildings from the home, and some of them are even built to resemble a smaller version of the home with siding, colors and everything.

Detached garages can still be built today, and they are really useful if you have a special car that you use sparingly but still also want to protect. Homeowners who own attached garages also might want an additional attached garage if they do not have room to expand their existing garage, but have room on their property elsewhere to store more cars.


A workshop garage is often ideal for homeowners that love working on cars or other hobbies and need a designated area for a workbench and all their tools. For normal-sized garages, a workbench should be able to fit inside, but there likely isn’t enough room to use tools and other equipment, so the homeowner is required to move one of his or her cars out on the driveway so that work can be done.

Garages can be remodeled to accommodate a bigger workshop, as well. A workshop garage can allow you to have plenty of room to work on a project while still having your cars safely stored inside. Workshops can even have equipment for you to be able to work on cars effectively such as car lifts, so that you won’t have to crawl underneath the car to perform any maintenance.


A carport is not considered a garage, per se, but it is a place where cars can be stored. A carport is an area with a roof without a door or walls. Homeowners can remodel their homes to accommodate a car port, even if the home already has an attached garage.

The upside to carports is that they are cheaper than garages and they can protect cars from extreme weather. The downside though is that anyone outside the home could still walk up to it, so it will definitely not keep intruders away.

Mother-In-Law Suite

This is actually a different living space entirely, but mother-in-law suites certainly can have their own attached garages separate from the main property. Mother-in-law suites can be used by guests of the home that are staying for a month or more with the family, and usually also have a standard kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. Like a detached garage, this suite if often built to look just like the main home building.

A mother-in-law suite is great for landlords who want their own living space on the property without having to share it with tenants. Landlords will still be able to watch over the home and be available for tenants having problems by living just next door.


Garages can definitely be remodeled and built in one of many different ways, so choose the best remodel for your garage depending on your property and lifestyle. But just remember, the smaller your property, the fewer options you have available.

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