5 Important People To Notify Before You Move

Moving to a new home is a stressful experience. You risk overlooking extremely tiny tasks. One of these includes notifying important people in your life that you are moving to a new home. This is very important but many people simply forget doing it. Neglecting this is likely to come with a lot of confusion regarding friends, family members, utilities, and mail going to the wrong address. Check this list of 5 important people to notify before you move. 

Friends and family

This is the first group of people to notify when you make up your mind to move. It is an important step to move to a new home. Therefore, it is very important to first inform the most important people in your life. These might find out about your intention to move on social media or other mutual acquaintance. However, they might not find out the appropriate address.it is very important to ensure that you let the people who care about you know where you are moving. 

Services and utilities’ providers 

It is a very big mistake not to cancel utilities and other services provided to your old address. Moving to a new house without letting the service providers know puts you at risk of getting charged for services provides at the old location. The service providers will keep on sending supplies to the old address while deducting money off your credit card. You might only realize this after a significant amount has been deducted. Let providers of utilities like internet and electricity know you are moving before the due date. 

Kid’s school

If you have kids, it is very important to let the authorities at your kid’s school know that you are moving to a new location. The moving process can get hectic making your kid miss school for a few days. Therefore, it is a very good idea to inform the educational institution that your child goes too before the best movers in San Diego  come to make the process smooth. This will lessen chances of confusion as your child catches up after settling in the new place.

Perhaps you are moving to a distant location. Informing the old school will make your child’s admission to the new school easier. The old school will give you a transfer certificate for the new school to admit your child. In case the child remains in the same school, informing the school about the new address allows receiving any communication from the school. It will lessen chances of confusion which is difficult to handle when settling in the new home. 


Some people are forced to move after getting a new job. However, you can move to a new home with an appropriate space for everyone. In this case, you have to inform your employer about the change of address. This makes it easy for the employer to contact you through the new address when appropriate. Additionally, you can request the employer to adjust your work shift to lessen chances of the new address inconveniencing your work schedule. 


Good neighbors  always look out for whatever happens in the next home. Go and bid farewell to your neighbors before moving out. This is usually out of common courtesy for the good relationship you have had. This allows giving them details of your new address just in case deliveries come in your name at the old residence. It also allows them to inform anyone who might come looking for you the new location. 

Neighbors usually keep watch over the homes of others when they are away. Therefore, the neighbors might panic when they notice activity at your home involving strangers packing your stuff. Letting them know that you are moving to a new home is a good idea. You can even invite your neighbors over together with family and friends for a farewell party. 

Financial institution 

Your bank details obviously have your present address. Therefore, it makes sense to inform your bank of the change of address. This limits the chances of confusion and frustration in the future. Update your bank on the new address to lessen chances of confusion in the future. You won’t have to explain about yourself too much when your bank records are updated. Moving to a new home without informing companies that you owe money might give a bad impression. It might seem like you are trying to avoid fulfilling your payment obligation. 

Final thoughts

Various reasons might make you opt to move to a new home. However, it is a hard decision that requires leaving everyone you have known behind and various memories. It is a great idea to let the people who matter know your new address before the movers arrive. This will make it easy for them to maintain communication and it eliminates any confusion with your bank, child’s school, and service providers.