7 Ways to Talk To Your Kids About Body Safety and Consent

Concentrate less on the physical appearance of a girl and more on her personal characteristics, i.e. she is clever, funny and whizzy, etc. And for boys be less concerned with their physical abilities rather more about their characteristics as humans like he is more kind and caring. The more we can break sex stereotypes and gender comparisons, the less violence and sexual abuse we have in the globe, especially against kids and females.

The Last Words

Moreover, encourage your kid to stand up for others who may be bullied or harassed by staying strong in their pirate position, stating “Hey! Stop it! Stop it!”And if the bully continues his actions, promote your kid in their security network to inform a trusted one. Your kid must understand that he or she is not a’ blabbermouth’ just because he has stood up for an abuse. It is not rocket science that educates both our sons and our children to respect each other. But these tiny but strong concepts can create a huge difference in our community and in the future.