Science and Technology provides us with a Better Life

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Science and Technology
Technology can be the machinery and equipment developed from the application of scientific knowledge or the branch of knowledge dealing with applied sciences or engineering. Whereas, science is a specific area of study. It is the IQ and practical activity enclosing the study of the structure and behavior of the natural world through observing and conducting experiments. In India, all the technical courses including BTech come under the regulatory reach of AICTE and NBA. Therefore, BTech Colleges and interest in the course are also increasing in India. Through the study of BTech, many students are in the process of becoming good scientists and helping the nation even more in its advancement. 

Relation between Science and Technology

Science and technology is something that goes hand in hand and is trending in the present generation. There is a change or an updation in technology each day. Science Is Worth IT covers many interesting topics related to science and technology that are worth reading if you want to learn more. Children these days use so many gadgets and learn how to operate them within minutes. This is how easy things are made (readymade) through technology for every individual to operate or use with ease. Science acts as a catalyst for technology since it helps in every step. Without science there cannot be much of technology and it would not have improved in such a short period of time. In early 90’s years ago, people used to use basic set mobile phones, very limited cars and watch movies or black and white movies once in a while. In just a matter of few years, things have changed completely and any work or information to be found can be done within minutes or seconds because of the drastic development in technology. The development in science and technology also brings a major difference in fields such as agriculture, information, education, technology and etc.