6 Things You Have To Do Before A Long Distance Move

Planning a move is not a walk in the park especially if it involves a long distance. You have to take appropriate steps to lessen the chances of stress. This is important to make you ready to take on a new position or settle in the new community. Hiring a reliable San Diego moving company will give you a good start. However, there’s a lot more to do for a seamless relocation before the moving van arrives. Here are 6 things you have to do before a long distance move. 

Sorting and purging stuff

It is obvious that you will not take everything to the new place. Before D-day comes, consider sorting your stuff early enough. This will save you from the frustration and panic of sorting stuff at the last hour. Doing this early allows selecting things that you really need in the new home. the items to leave behind might include ill-fitting clothing, worn-out bulky furniture, and duplicate items. Moving with these only makes the packing and unpacking harder and hike the moving process. Sorting your items early gives enough time to sell unwanted items online or through a garage sale. 

Submit a change of address

It is not easy dealing with feeling demotivated to begin checking things on your moving checklist. However, submitting a change of address is an important task not to under look. This requires completing a change of address form online or physically at the local post office. Additionally, consider following up on contacts and debtors to let them know you are to move to a new address. Doing this ensures that you don’t miss important mail that might still come to the old address. 

Prepare your new home

Before your choice of San Diego movers  arrives, it is important to ensure that your new home is well prepared. You wouldn’t want to arrive with your family only to discover that the new home lacks power and water. Take time to schedule utilities such as electricity, internet, and cable television before you arrive. This is possible through simple phone calls or online appointments and your current utilities are transferred to the new home. Doing this early will ensure that you have a great first-time experience in the new home.