5 Qualities To Look For When Hiring Corporate Event Hostesses

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When planning a corporate event, it is important to ensure that attendees will have a pleasant experience. A good idea is to hire hostesses to greet people at the entrance leaving your regular staff to handle other tasks. Hostesses are an integral part of event hosting but you have to hire the right people. Finding the right hostess staff is very important and you have to consider qualities like the following.


The ideal hostesses for a business event should have charm and friendliness. These should always be happy, smiling, and friendly to attendees regardless of how impossible it might seem. However, the hostesses should always be sincere and charming regardless of the pressure. This allows making guests feel comfortable and important. 

Your hostesses should also speak freely with guests. The charm of the hostess comes from their verbal skills and manners. Professional hostesses should be well-spoken and polite to customers all the time. This requires speaking clearly and not rushing into the conversation to attend to another to avoid looking rude. Hire enough hostesses to match the number of invited guests to your event. 


Apart from having confidence, the best hostess in Dubai should maintain composure throughout the event. The job of the hostesses during your event is not to great customers and showing them around. Hostesses have to carry themselves around in a way that puts your brand in a good light. Strategizing is appropriate and comes from critical thinking and planning. Customers come from various backgrounds and your event is likely to attract the whole lot. 

Some of the customers might be a bit hard to handle but the hostesses should always remain regardless of the pressure. With the number of guests rising, the hostesses might become strained and stressed. However, professional hostesses have to give all customers the same care and attention. You should always look for hostesses that can calmly navigate stressful moments. 

People skills

Establishing a personal connection  with clientele at an emotional level is important for your brand. This explains why to select hostesses who are incredibly likable and can leave a lasting impression on event attendees. Connecting with customers and potential customers is a great idea to encourage return customers with a chance of sending referral clients. 

The hostesses to use on your corporate event should respond appropriately with people. This will make attendees comfortable throughout your event. There is a chance that your next events will attract larger numbers. Connecting with guests at an emotional level and creating rapport will make the guests feel more relaxed to discover more about your service or products. 


When hiring hostesses, the staffing agency should handpick those with confidence. This will ensure a stellar first impression of your business. A great first impression is very important to win new customers and business leads but requires confidence. The staffing agency will handpick hostesses easily for you after gauging their ability to match your event requirement. 

Confident hostesses are usually contagious during the business event. Nice looking and confident hostesses will give your customers confidence about your brand. It makes them feel that they are at the right event. After your hostesses have made a great impression on customers on entering the door, your regular staff will just focus on maintaining this impression. 

Team spirit

Your hostesses have to get along with your regular staff. Give them some time to mingle before the event day. This will ensure that the hostesses don’t feel isolated from old employees. Teamwork  will ensure that tasks are handled accordingly for a successful event. For overdue tasks, your hostesses and fulltime staff should combine effort to get things done. This is very important since all focus on achieving success for the same event. Team spirit is very important when handling joint tasks for overall event success. 

For intense situations especially when dealing with a large number of attendees, your hostesses should keep the spirit high and defuse possible conflicts. The hostesses should maintain composure when dealing with frustrated guests and with other team members. This might include going an extra mile to ensure that the event is successful. The most important thing is for everyone to keep on the same page, thwarting possible conflicts, and rolling up sleeves to achieve success. 


Hostesses are the first point of contact for guests to your business event. These are responsible for making a stellar impression. However, there is a lot to expect from event hostesses than dressing well and looking nice. The ideal staffing agency should get you a team with a special personality to maintain composure regardless of the situation and work ethic to get things done. With a professional team of hostesses to back up your regular staff, you will look forward to seeing guests getting comfortable and enjoying the moment.