8 Great Uses Of Shrink Wrapping

Technology has always come up with great and wonderful inventions that make life easier and exciting. Think about shrink wrapping supplies as an example.

Shrinkwrapping is designed to give your products that appealing look as well as taking care of preserving the products from all manner of elements and contamination. But what exactly is heat shrinking? It is defined as a method of sealing products to protect them from contamination and at the same time giving them that appealing look. 

Reading and understanding this article will help you make an informed decision about shrink wrapping supplies.

The materials used in the sealing are made from a wide range of heat-sensitive materials, and their intended purposes largely determine their design. These materials include;

  • Polyolefin shrink films
  • Pvc centralfold shrinking films
  • Pvc shrink tubing film
  • Pvc shrink flat bags
  • Polyolefin shrink bags among others

To complete or to actualize the sealing, there are several other types of equipment used with the sealing material. They include among others;

  • The heat tunnel
  • The sealing tunnel
  • L bar sealer
  • I bar sealer
  • Heat gun
  • Hand sealer
  • Seal and shrink combination machine

The choice of the sealing material is primarily determined by the product that is supposed to be sealed and the volumes involved. Some of the items that can be sealed;

1. Pieces of evidence from crime scenes

Sometimes pieces of evidence need to be preserved for a long time. The evidence needs to be seen and not to be interfered with. The choice of the shrink wrap in preserving evidence will be determined by factors such as;

  • Where the evidence will be stored- different materials will be required to store evidence in different environments. That will largely determine the choice of the material.
  • The durability of the evidence- Some materials will react with the elements, and others will not. This can sometimes distort the evidence leading to the termination of the case.

2. Keeping books in an excellent state

Books help in keeping you knowledgeable, to be classified as a book or any other reading material, papers go through a lot of chemical processes. Some of the chemicals are known to react with the elements such as air, heat, and even water. If you live or work in such an environment, your reading materials might end up losing their appeal, and especially the color and the smell. An excellent shrink wrapping will come in handly and especially for books that you are not currently reading.

3. Preserving food items 

Picture this, being on a farm then suddenly you have a strong desire to slaughter and consume a turkey. That’s a lot of meat right there if you should go ahead and do it. You will need to seal or wrap the remainder and store it in your freezer until your next recipe.

Fruits are also known to go bad pretty fast. You will need a material to preserve them, keeping them fresh. These materials can also be used to store dry foods such as rice, beans, flour, and spices.

Other food items that can be shrink-wrapped include; chocolate, candy/sweets, chocolate, chewing gum, and many more.

4. The ever-appealing world of cosmetics

Soaps, make-up, and other luxury products need a material that can keep them safe but at the same time, giving or allowing maximum visibility. Shrinkwrapping can easily achieve this; in fact, it is common in the cosmetic or the beauty industry.

After settling on the most suitable sealing material, the heat gun, shrink tunnel, hand sealer or any other sealing machine can be used depending on the volumes involved and or the sealing material.

5. Keeping tools safe to handle

 Tools make work more natural in your home, some of these tools are small and can subject you to injuries and particularly your younger family members. To keep them safe, you might want to consider a sturdy protective material. This should ensure that sharp tools will prevent possible injuries until the next use.

6. Making  wires safer to handle

Cables can be dangerous when dealt with the wrong way, and in severe cases, they are known to cause even death. It is, therefore, paramount to be careful when choosing the most suitable or appropriate sealing or protective material and method.

7. Protecting clothing items 

Clothes are meant to make you feel good and to give you that fashionable appeal to anyone that might be around you. When not using them, you will need to clean them and store them. When dealing with shoes, there is no better way of preserving them after a thorough cleaning session then an excellent wrapping.

8. Keeping your jewelry safe

Pieces of jewelry and watches that you do not use often can easily get lost and especially in an environment that is not so organized. Sealing and storing them will also allow easy retrieval.