How to Choose the Right Aluminum Alloy for Injection Molding?

In most cases, aluminum is considered as a better option than steel for the production of high-grade aluminum injection molds. As the moldmakers, as well as manufacturers all around the world, look forward to reducing the overall costs, aluminum has been making to the forefront as far as tooling and injection molding processes are concerned. After conducting thorough research of the overall design, quality, and unfilled types, it has been observed that aluminum turns out to be a better solution in comparison to steel in most cases.  As steel is being used in injection molding in most of the traditional molding presses, it has restricted the molders to a specific cycle time corner. This implies that there remains no possible way of reducing the overall cycle times rather than using the high-grade aluminum injection molds. Some experts also explain that lowering the melting temperature to the level below the recommended mark by the manufacturers could result in the opening up of the molder. Moreover, there remains no guarantee that the overall cycle time would improve.

Choosing the Right Aluminum Alloy

Aluminum has been long considered as the leading material when it comes to prototype tooling. This is because of the overall availability as well as cost benefits offered by the same along with dependability and ease of machining for thousands of slots out there. In the modern era, the aluminum alloy has also entered into the domain of production tooling for ensuring the benefits of cost-savings along with improvements in the cycle time, improved polishing performance, optimized process efficiency, and improved machining. Most of the molders and mold-makers out there have restricted their experience with using aluminum tooling. For some, it has turned out favorable, while not the same for all.  When yo are choosing the aluminum alloy for your injection molding projects, there are some of the aspects that you are expected to look into. In comparison to P20 steel, aluminum is supposed to feature: