Why you should choose horse trails in national parks of the US

Horses are reliable. During a wildlife safari, your guide and the horse’s keeper will likely accompany you to the buffer area of the forests. The risks of losing your way inside a national park are much lower with a horse in your team. They are the most faithful of all rides, and they offer a unique experience too.

What kind of safaris can you choose?

You can go on a single-day safari if you do not want to stop over at a forest inn or resort. Several jungle safaris in the states also cater to explorers, who want to camp in the wilderness with their horses. It will depend on your experience, budget, and choice.

What kind of horses will you find?

Usually, Saddlebreds, Irish Draft, Dutch Warmblood, and Arabic horse crossbreeds are ideal for such safaris, but you will also find Thoroughbred safaris exclusively in certain places for the rider’s delight.

Specific national park experiences are incomplete without a horse riding or trail riding experience. You need to explore the rugged terrains, green wilderness and lush nature like the historical figures once did on horseback.

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