Why you should choose horse trails in national parks of the US

A taste of the pure wild: why you should choose horse trails in national parks of the US

All across the world, people love horses with an enthusiasm that has been consistent for centuries. Horses have become a part of the transport industry, farming practices, and sports cultures. Since the ancient Greco-Roman cultures, our equine friends have enjoyed a particular social status that no other intelligent animal has seen. Horses have been a man’s friend, support, and transport in the direst of situations.

In the 21st century, not a lot of communities rely on horses exclusively for transportation. However, they have remained significant for their confident gait and unique bond with humankind. They are now an exclusive part of sports, travel, tourism, and entertainment across all the states of the US. Most importantly, they have become a part of national park experiences and wildlife safaris across several countries.

why you should choose horse trails in national parks of the US
why you should choose horse trails in national parks of the US

Which national parks should you check out for trail rides?

Orlando, South and North Carolina, Florida and California have several organisations that offer horseback rides into the wilderness for nature lovers, animal behaviourists, ornithologists, camping enthusiasts, and naturalists. Yosemite, Yellowstone, Bryce Canyon National Park, Rocky Mountain National Park and Grand Canyon National Park are the top contenders for your attention this year.

What’s so great about horse safari rides?

There is nothing more enthralling than witnessing the fantastic bounties of nature while being a part of it. Jeeps and SUVs may give you a more comfortable ride into the interior of the jungles, but none are as quiet and confident as your faithful equine friend in comparison.

Why choose a horse as your ride into the wilderness?

Horses blend right in with the greenery of the forests and woods; this provides the perfect camouflage for the visitors waiting to catch one leap off the lithe leopard or a flight of a puma. Capturing bears, herons, egrets and wild cats become a lot easier when your ride has a sure footing and a familiar scent.  

Horses are reliable. During a wildlife safari, your guide and the horse’s keeper will likely accompany you to the buffer area of the forests. The risks of losing your way inside a national park are much lower with a horse in your team. They are the most faithful of all rides, and they offer a unique experience too.

What kind of safaris can you choose?

You can go on a single-day safari if you do not want to stop over at a forest inn or resort. Several jungle safaris in the states also cater to explorers, who want to camp in the wilderness with their horses. It will depend on your experience, budget, and choice.

What kind of horses will you find?

Usually, Saddlebreds, Irish Draft, Dutch Warmblood, and Arabic horse crossbreeds are ideal for such safaris, but you will also find Thoroughbred safaris exclusively in certain places for the rider’s delight.

Specific national park experiences are incomplete without a horse riding or trail riding experience. You need to explore the rugged terrains, green wilderness and lush nature like the historical figures once did on horseback.

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