Top Gift Cards You Can Sell Easily

Top Gift Cards
Most people give out gift cards that have no use to recipients. Gift cards make convenient and wonderful gifts. Luckily, you can sell your gift card for cash or Bitcoin. It only takes a few minutes on a card exchange site. However, it pays to understand the cards that you can exchange much faster. This is important because not all gift cards have similar value. Below is our guide to the top gift card you can sell easily. 

iTunes gift card

If you have an iPhone, you obviously know about the iTunes store. Regardless of whether you use iTunes for streaming videos online or just own an iOS device, you have to know about the iTunes gift card. There is a likelihood of receiving gift cards you have no use for. Fortunately, exchanging the card for cash or BTC might get you about 83 percent of its face value.  iTunes gift cards come with pre-purchased credit for making purchases on Apple’s iTunes store. The cards can be used to buy Apple’s media and software including movies, music, apps, and books. However, the iTunes store is different from the Apple store where the gift cards are used to purchase physical items including MacBooks and iPhones. 

Amazon gift card

One of the biggest retailing companies in the world, Amazon is a popular store. This explains why it is so easy to sell Amazon gift card  anywhere in the world. The good thing is that there is a possibility to get back as much as 92 percent face value when you exchange your card for cash or BTC. When in a rush or have an emergency, there is a chance to get back value slightly below but better than other cards.  Amazon gift cards are usually used for purchasing digital music, Kindle content, and making Amazon video downloads. However, there is a chance of receiving this card as a gift but you have no use for it. You don’t have to refuse the gift or to let it stay unused. Exchanging your Amazon gift card is a great way to make some quick money for an emergency or to get some cryptocurrency in your wallet.