Efficient way to Conduct Test for Employment Online

Employment Online
Employment Online

Pre-employment tests are the primary step in the recruitment process after an advertisement for a particular job has been announced. Business enterprises used to conduct the tests in the office premises, college campuses, or in such locations where the candidates would arrive on the set date and attend the test. 

The traditional method of paper and pen were used while the questions where either multiple choice, descriptive, or comprehensive. The sheets would be collected after the test duration and analyzed manually to calculate the results and shortlist eligible candidates for the next step in the process. Now, imagine the amount of time, money, and resources that would have to be spent on the test process alone. 

To make things easier, many companies have come up with the concept of virtual pre-employment tests. Enterprise can hire companies to conduct the test for employment online. So what are the advantages of conducting the test online? Let us list out a few of those below. 

  • Reduce the cost of the testing process by around 70%. 
  • Reduce the time spent on conducting the test and analyzing the results by 60%. 
  • Reduce the risk of a bad hire. As the process is entire systematic, there is minimum or no human error. 
  • Allow candidates to attempt the test from their existing locations. 
  • Use pre-designed test form or make changes by adding and deleting questions. 
  • Decide the tone, nature, and process of the test with the help of the Test Advisor. 
  • Make the test interactive by creating real-time scenarios for the candidates to answer.
  • Include audio and other files as a part of the test form. This helps with data entry and call center executive employment tests. 
  • Use the vast database provided by the companies to customize the test form according to the job specifications. 
  • Integrate the test form into existing HR systems of the business enterprise and work on a single system instead of shuffling between multiple systems. 
  • Mix up various test patterns and create a comprehensive test form. For example, include questions related to skills, personality, language and other areas. 
  • 24*7 support from the companies in creating the test form, conducting the test, and analyzing the results. 
  • The companies will analyze the results and give the shortlisted names to the HR team of the enterprise. 
  • The HR team can get enough time to focus on the core aspects of their job while the companies handle pre-employment tests. 
  • When conducting the test for employment online, there is no limit to the number of candidates who can attempt the test. 
  • Business enterprises of any size and volume can opt for online employment tests. 
  • Increase the chances of finding candidates who are the right fit for the job. Know more about the candidates and take better recruiting decisions. 
  • Conduct behavioral and cognitive tests long with skills test and subject or topic-related tests. 
  • Know how a candidate will fit into the work environment of the enterprise before hiring them for the job. 
  • As the companies have a record of the enterprise, use their services for all pre employment tests. Simplify the process and get more benefits. 
  • Conduct tests for any job on any topic and any subject. From marketing to HR to finance, business analytics, healthcare, hotel management, all kinds of employment tests are included. 

 The following are the different types of pre-employment tests that can be conducted on behalf of the business enterprises. 

  • Skills Test 
    • Assess the skill level, education, application of knowledge using this test. 
  • Cognitive Test
    • This is also known as general aptitude tests where memory, logical, numerical, and verbal reasoning are assessed. 
  • Personality Test
    • Assess the personality traits of candidates and know if they are suited for the job. 
  • Emotional Intelligence Test
    • Understanding emotions and building relationships, handling crisis and managing stress are assessed in this test. 

It has to be noted that no test gives 100% guarantee as candidates can provide answers they think the enterprise wants from them rather than being truthful. A comprehensive mix of all tests will give more accurate results.