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Insurance for trucks in the country is a very specific type of contract. It is indeed necessary to think of covering any eventuality, provided that it is justified. These tailor-made insurance policies are designed to avoid unpleasant surprises both in terms of price and guarantees and therefore in claims compensation.

Among the different Truck insurance in Wallonia and Brussels: advice and criteria for suitable insurance possible clauses, a distinction must be made:

  • RC Auto: compulsory in the country.
  • Omnia: if your truck is new or relatively new.
  • Legal protection: often overlooked.
  • Breakdown assistance: intervention costs can be very expensive. 

What choices should you make to obtain good truck insurance, adapted to your professional activity? Your insurance specialists for freelancers and SMEs in the province of Hainaut advise you on certain points of attention. From the Truck accident lawyer you can find the best deal.

Insuring your heavyweight according to your professional needs: criteria

A serious insurance broker in the Thin or Chimayo region takes care to precisely define your profile and your job. During an interview that can take place on your company’s site, several points of attention will be addressed:

The precise description of your activity: do you transport goods on own account (TCP) or on behalf of others (TCA)? Will you be traveling only on Belgian territory or internationally?

The value to ensure: you will ensure that you have the purchase invoice for your vehicle. Do not forget to include the invoice relating to any adjustments made to the bodywork after purchase. At the risk of underinsuring your heavyweight.

Forecast of a 1st risk value: ideally, an annual adaptation should be planned, depending on the devaluation of your vehicle, tractor or trailer.

Breakdown / assistance guarantee: after an accident or breakdown, the amounts insured must correspond to reality. The assistance of a lifting crane to raise a trailer is indeed extremely expensive. The most telling example is a motorway intervention in France – privatized, where the choice of convenience store is not to be made.

Protection of goods: the content transported is never automatically covered. This protection (whether of the liability or own damage type) must be the subject of a specific analysis and a separate contract. We will come back to this later.

Expertise in the event of a claim: a claim that turns out to be total leads to discussions on the value of the wreck. It is therefore useful to have Legal Protection for companies in Wallonia and Brussels with contractual guarantee for optimal coverage.

Leasing with separate insurance: the leasing company can offer insurance, but its offer is limited because it works with a single company which will ensure the book value of the truck. However, only a professional and competent intermediary in this specific sector can provide you with sound advice and the conclusions of a true market study. As such, it is possible to establish a leasing endorsement. 

Auto and Exploitation with the same insurance office

What make the area of ​​truck insurance complex are the exact circumstances of the accident or the damage caused.

The truck is traveling on the public highway and causes an accident – this is the responsibility of the Auto.

The driver performs a manoeuvre in the course of his work – these concerns RC Exploitation for contractors. 

But what if the truck performs both movements at the same time? Handling a gravel bucket while the truck is in motion is a case in point. However, an overhead cable is damaged by the bucket. Having both contracts with the same insurer is essential in order to avoid a potential conflict of interest.

Are you a transporter or do you have trucks to insure as part of your professional activity?

The vast experience in the transport sector allows us to offer you contracts with an optimal quality / price ratio. We collaborate with all the significant players in this market. We are at your entire disposal for any analysis. 

Business Liability Insurance

Business Liability Insurance, which is the basic liability insurance for most companies, is designed to cover claims for personal injury or property damage from your work or products.

This protection can occur if your company is found liable for personal injury, for example following a fall, or losses occurring on the premises of your company or while you or one of your employees worked outside the company. company, whether or not you are liable for the damage. Business Liability Insurance can provide you with valuable support to ease the financial burden of the legal process.

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The product liability insurance covers claims for material or bodily injury caused by products manufactured, sold or distributed by your company. If a customer claims to have suffered property damage or financial loss because your product is defective or dangerous, they may demand that you compensate them. In most cases, Business Liability Insurance offers this type of protection.