Finding a Quality Defense Attorney in Sherman Oaks

Quality Defense Attorney
Sherman Oaks, California is a great place to live.  But, like all places, it is not perfect. There is crime.  In fact, over the past year, there have been 640 counts of theft, 186 counts of assault, 110 counts of burglary, 102 counts of vandalism and 33 counts of robbery.   What if you are the one charged with a crime?  Perhaps you were charged with drunk driving, robbery, some white-collar crime, or something else?  This is when you need a Criminal Attorney In Sherman Oaks to assist you in your defense of these charges. Below is a discussion of certain defenses that often save defendants in criminal cases.   By way of background, if a defendant goes on trial after being charged with committing a crime, the prosecutor is required to establish that the defendant is guilty of the crime.  And this must be proven “beyond a reasonable doubt,” which is a very high standard. Whether the defendant puts on any defense is up to him, but will typically be done in a manner designed to pick apart the prosecutor’s case, by arguing that another person committed the crime, or even if the crime did happen, there was a legal and reasonable justification for doing so.  Some examples of these defenses are as follows. Perhaps the defendant did not understand that was they were doing was wrong.  Indeed, most crimes require that a person intend to commit the wrongful act, so if you did not know you were doing something wrong, you should not be found guilty. On television, and in real life, you see defendants claim they were suffering from insanity, or that the defendant can prove that he had a mental disorder that rendered him incapable of understanding right from wrong.  Or, in the alternative, the disorder prevented him from controlling his actions and resisting violent impulses. The result may lead to hospitalization for treatment instead of jail, but the latter is generally a better result.