Finding the Right Lawyer for Your Speeding Defence

Speeding Defence

Remember the perfect day in Nsw when every driver obeyed the speed limit and all drivers were completely sober?  Probably not, because that day has never—and will never—come. As a result, citizens often fall victim to collisions due to Speeding Offences in Nsw.  Lawyers are available for the victims of these incidents, but there are also lawyers available to advocate for those who perpetrate the incidents. People make mistakes, so it is important to know that those charged with such offences have rights and lawyers available to protect them.

Those drivers caught committing Speeding Offences in Nsw face significant penalties (financial, liberty and otherwise), so even if you believe you committed the wrongful act, for the sake of yourself and your family, hire a lawyer to help.

Obviously, speeders are caught due to the observation of officers.  But they can also be caught via detection by a fixed speed camera or mobile speed camera.  Such often irrefutable evidence can lead to fines and licence demerit points.

In addition, penalties for those who speed include 

  1. learner and P1 license holders face not less than three months’ suspension no matter how minor the speeding offence

ii) exceeding the speed limit by more than 30 km/hr warrants a minimum three-month suspension

iii) exceeding the speed limit by more than 45 km/hr warrants a minimum six-month suspension or possibly confiscation

iv) number plates may be confiscated or impounded when a driver is caught doing more than 45 km/hr over the speed limit or a disqualified driver does more than 30 km/hr over

v) a disqualified driver caught doing in excess of 45 km/hr is subject to impound or confiscation of number plates for at least six months.  

If is therefore in your best interest to contact a professional familiar with Speeding Offences in Nsw in order to limit any of these severe penalties.

Additional Defences

Something your attorney will also look into the police “statement of facts.”  If shown to be inaccurate, this can help reduce or even eliminate some if not all of the charges against you.  Also, a legitimate reason for your criminal act (rushing to an emergency, etc.) can be a mitigating factor to reduce penalties.   

No matter what the situation, it is vitally important to find and utilise the services of an experienced and qualified attorney to help limit the damage to you and your family.

How do you know if your lawyer is good?

In Australia, in order to become a lawyer, you have to

  1. complete a “Juris Doctor” or “Bachelor of Law.”  To do this, you must take a course recognised by a local law society where you want to practice.  This course must cover 11 basic areas of law
  2. complete practical legal training.  The methods of obtaining completion are different, but range from 80 days of supervised practice to six months of online training
  3. be admitted to legal practice.  You must apply to the state authority where you wish to practice and be approved by the relevant authority
  4. obtain a Practising Certificate.  After you have worked for a firm for 18 to 24 months, you can apply for a practising certificate.  At this point, you can make decisions on where, what and how to practice law
  5. become a Barrister.  There are Solicitors (more general practitioners) and Barristers (with various types of expertise) in Australia.  If you decide to advance from step iv above, you can seek certification as a Barrister.  

A quality lawyer you retain has completed the above, a process that takes approximately four years.  He or she will also have documentation to prove that all of this was accomplished.  

In addition, your lawyer should be a person you feel comfortable with, especially with your money and liberty at risk.  Therefore, when you meet with a prospective lawyer, you should learn

  1. his level of knowledge
  2. his level and types of experience
  3. his success rate
  4. his responsiveness to your questions
  5. his relationships with prosecutors, judges and court staff and, of course
  6. his price tag.  Only when you are comfortable with all of these do you know this criminal lawyer to be right for you.  And if that opinion changes at any point, you can always fire that attorney and retain a new one with whom you feel more comfortable.

At the end of the day, if you are charged with speeding, or drunk driving, assault, or any other crime, there are rights you can use to protect yourself.  Everyone makes mistakes—although you may have committed the wrong, it does not mean you should be made to suffer eternally.