10 Upcoming Piercing Jewelry Trends for the year 2020!

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The New Year 2020 is about to ring in and it’s time to update your piercing jewelry collection. We got to see a lot of runways and fashion shows and took the time to compile a list of what’s trending this year. This time, designers have experimented with standalone earrings, colorful gemstones, single earrings, and lots more. So without wasting time further, let’s have a look at piercing jewelry that would be seen all around in the upcoming year:

Single Earring Jewelry 

One ear piercing jewelry trend that would be dominating next year is that of a solo earring. Although this trend was executed last year as well, it will get bigger this time. To rock this trend, choose statement-making cartilage piercing earrings like feather earrings, geometrical earrings, or twisted chandelier earrings.

Pearl Piercing Jewelry 

Just like the previous season, pearl piercing jewelry is going to rock in the year 2020. This classy element will make appearances in forms of cartilage piercing earrings, nose jewelry, and even belly jewelry. You can even shop for pearl layered necklaces and head jewelry to update your jewelry wardrobe.

Ball Jewelry Trend

We saw a lot of models on runways donning three dimensional round shapes. From sparkly crystal balls and planetary spheres to Christmas ornaments, the ball-trend can take form in eyebrow jewelry, lip jewelry, ear piercing jewelry, belly jewelry, etc. You can also go for ball charms, pendants, and even bracelets.

Colorful Piercing Jewelry 

Forget sticking to sterling silver or gold jewelry. Instead, rock the upcoming year with bright colorful piercing jewelry. This time, experiment with floral cartilage piercing earrings or belly jewelry. You can also add a few beaded designs in your collection. Also, opt for mismatched colors to look stylish like never before.

Boho Chic Jewelry Trend

This all-in-one trend includes earthy shades, natural fabrics, and details like features, pearls, fringes, embroidery, etc. So, make sure to add a few pieces of boho chic jewelry in your collection.

Big Hoops Ear Piercing Jewelry 

Hoops are always trending and they are getting ready to multiply in size next year. So, get ready to update your existing ear jewelry collection with big hoops. No matter whether you opt for thick designs or double-hooped styles, just make sure they look grand.

Rhinestone Piercing Jewelry 

Just like gemstones, rhinestones will be on-trend next year. Elegant and breathtaking to the core, the rhinestone jewelry trend can be executed with a chic pair of chandelier-style earrings. If that doesn’t sound cool, how about getting a rhinestone eyebrow barbell or a belly-button ring?

Tassel Jewelry Trend

Those curtain-like, lively earrings featuring amazing tassels will also be major next year. Whether you shop for tassel cartilage piercing earrings or tassel chokers or even bracelets, they will make you shine like a true fashionista!

Shoulder-Length Ear Piercing Jewelry

Let those gorgeous earrings touch your shoulder this year 2020. Shoulder-length styles will be a huge hit next year and so, don’t forget to shop for them.

Mismatched Jewelry Trend

The mismatched jewelry trend allows you to experiment with colors. Opt for some pieces of earring, belly, or eyebrow piercing jewelry that has your favorite colors.