Harnesses: is it a fetish or a new fashion trend

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The History of the Fetish Trend

Modern girls, following fashion trends, do not even realise that some attributes of their wardrobe belonged to BDSM and fetish culture a couple of decades ago. Fetishism stopped being underground and taboo only in the 70s. Vivienne Westwood became one of the first fans of this trend. In the 1970s, she opened a clothing store, Sex, which sold rubber skirts and stockings, t-shirts with zippers at nipple level, corsets, bondage pants, and other provocative clothing. Bold style has always been associated with punk culture, especially with the Sex Pistols. Items from the Wood collection began to be massively worn, and some details were combined with everyday clothes.

In 1977, Karl Lagerfeld, who headed the House of Chloe, threw a party with a black and BDSM style dress code. As expected, the guests (and these were the most famous people on the planet) came to the event in leather clothes, latex, chains and whips at the ready.

The stylish images of the dominatrix, which showed us the heroines in leather coats, with whips and boots, were created by Helmut Newton. They were published in Vogue, and fetishism gained its position in the world of high fashion.

Claude Montana was one of the first designers to become famous for his collections made entirely of leather. The creative John Galliano also created things with the aesthetics of fetishism. His readers were regularly present in his groups, including massive collars, top hats, leather garters, sword belts, and latex. Jean-Paul Gaultier did not bypass the trend, having created a pink satin corset for Madonna.

Since then, many of the world’s designers have been inspired by the aesthetics of fetishists and somehow introduced the corresponding attributes into their collections. Even luxury fashion houses such as Versace, Givenchy, Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Balenciaga often dedicate their collections to BDSM culture.

Modern fashion for harness and chokers

Today, fetish fashion has become more mass, but at the same timeless aggressive and simplified. Once composed of various details and objects, images have disintegrated into particles. As a result, we have bondage lingerie, chokers, leather harnesses, women, and garters for hips, arms, and legs.

Well-known brands like Obsessharness also often feature items hinting at fetish fashion. Such harness women accessories offer to wear not only the naked body but also strict dresses, white shirts, and classic trousers.

This trend in fashion is also evidenced by now many famous personalities choose and wear harness style items. Harness elements and chokers were seen on the necks of such personalities as Kendall Jenner, Angelina Jolie, Natalie Portman, Emma Watson, Drew Barrymore, Kim Kardashian, and Christina Aguilera. Singers Britney Spears, Madonna, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Rihanna and other performers often appeared in such tight outfits in videos and concerts. They did not go unnoticed, and men Jared Leto and other stylish celebrities everyone has long appreciated the charm of this trend.

Foreign fashion experts expressed their assumptions about why fetish fashion (fetish fashion) has gained a new wave of popularity in 2021. Lou Austin, co-owner of fetish portal MegaPleasure, believes that the return of BDSM-style things to style is due to the collective trauma received by society during the coronavirus pandemic: “I wouldn’t be surprised if this pandemic sparks a resurgence in the wearing of masks both in the bedrooms and on the catwalks – as a token of complicity in the collective trauma we have all endured over the past year.”

How to wear a harness

Latex clothes, bondage, leather garter, and a collar can be found at night parties and work.

Even though belts often resemble slave fetters, and it may seem that this is an article of BDSM-fetish clothing, it can be combined with both men’s shirts, blouses and even dresses, giving them a spice, and with a naked body, depending on which the impression you want to make. Since the latest trends in the fashion world are a mixture of styles and a manifestation of individuality, a woman’s harness can be safely worn as you like. The main thing, as in everything, is not to overdo it with extravagance and leave room for a flight of fancy.

You can choose a belt in a contrasting colour with your clothes to make it the main accent of the image. You can wear matching clothes – then it will be more like a continuation and some addition, a reminder that somewhere you have a weapon that disarms others, matching shoes will be beneficial.

Perhaps the most important thing is not to burden the image with other accessories while maintaining a balance of femininity and masculinity. Body harness woman always looks fantastic!

Who is suitable for this image?

Women’s harness looks like a mysterious interweaving and crossing of belts with a wide variety of patterns in crosses and complex geometry. Women’s leather harnesses are often seen in military-style, bright stage images. It is also relatively easy to find tops and bodysuits with lacing, all sorts of belt ornaments, and outlining patterns of intricate weaves. The harness is worn for any occasion and mood: over a dress, blouse or sweater. At the same time, you can choose a dress of any style, from classic to bohemian chic.

The harness is worn for any occasion and mood: over a dress, blouse or sweater. At the same time, you can choose a dress of any style, from classic to bohemian chic.

It is worth noting that all this paraphernalia does not look vulgar and complements even the most precise image.

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