Hair transplants and the modern man

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Hair transplants
The world has changed a great deal in the last 20 years, and some of the things that have opened up to men today, would have been considered beyond the pale for your own father and grandfather. While a full-body tattoo, an impressively groomed beard and a man-bun might not be the exact look you’re going for, even more conservatively styled men can take advantage of the new attitudes and technology.  Footballers, athletes and actors have a lot of influence over how men style themselves in the 21st century. Nowhere is the more obvious than on the cosmetic, or “plastic” surgery market. While you might not want to model yourself after the latest boyband hunk, and you’ve probably seen horror stories of men ruining their natural looks with over-the-top surgery, that’s only the tip of the iceberg. What you probably aren’t seeing, is the sheer number of men that are using some kind of enhancement on their body or face, in order to look younger, thinner, more ripped, or simply more handsome. You won’t see these things unless you’re really looking, because cosmetic enhancements in the 21st century are designed to be invisible and natural looking. The chances are, that you do know somebody that takes Rogaine for their hair loss, or sports an incredibly natural-looking toupee, that is well-fixed to the head enough for them to play sports in it. You have probably shared a gym with a man that has regular spray tans, uses steroids, has an intensive skin-care routine, or has even had a subtle nose-job, Botox or thread lift on the face. These things are not always over the top and obvious. In fact, when performed expertly, most of these things are designed to look completely natural. With this fact in mind, there is probably a man in your social circle that has had a completely natural-looking hair transplant, and now sports a full head of hair past the age of 50. The hair transplant Turkey market has opened up the once highly expensive world of FUE hair transplants, whereby individual hairs are delicately removed from the thicker areas of the head, and carefully transplanted where they are needed most – on the balding and thinning patches. This enables the man to grow his very own hair right back where it was thinning, and in terms of surgery and cosmetic enhancements, what could be more natural than that?