How To Boost Your Business Growth With Video Content

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Video Content
Video Content

Video content marketing is not something new; many businesses make the most of it to reach desired goals. If you, being a business or brand, haven’t invested in video marketing yet, it’s time to start now. Video content offers endless benefits for growing a business, whether related to entertainment, education, information, guidance, product uses, and other benefits.

When strategizing video marketing, you can target a large audience and improve your brands’ visibility. Also, videos help explain your products and services clearly and establish viewers’ trust in your brand. Apart from this, video content for business growth is not just limited to attracting people but also helps retain your employees and forging your business’s credibility. 

This post will walk you through the tips to boost your business via video content. Also, brief the advantages of using a video editor to edit videos easily and make a lasting impact on the viewers.

Video types that you may create to boost your business.

Explainer videos

This type introduces your company, products, and services to the viewers. It can be vast and demonstrate/explain the processes where your company explains product/service uses. Explainer videos are short and crisp, and they are meant to deliver your message with clarity. 


When considering commercials, aim for short and attention-grabbing videos. A commercial video highlights key features of your products or services while containing a concrete CTA. This common video type is widely available on streaming services and television to increase a brand’s visibility. Commercial videos last up to only a minute, so you must consider the most imperative information to introduce at that time. 

Social content/media video

Social content videos are mainly for social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. These fun, engaging and playful videos include products and services related information in the form of shots and montages. This type of video is made to attract new buyers and keep the current ones engaged. Social content videos are recommended to keep under 30 seconds only. Plus, they require in-depth attention to aspects like video looping, mute playing etc. 

Creating video marketing strategy:

The secret behind any business’ success is to have an impressive video marketing strategy. The following defines a strategy.

Set a goal

The first thing that needs to be done is to set a goal for your video to let it pass through the marketing funnel. Ideally, you need to make a video for every phase of the marketing funnel. 

Awareness: In this phase, challenges and difficulties are defined, which can be witnessed by the customers. Therefore, the videos in this phase should focus on introducing your products or services to them clearly and clearly.

Consideration: This stage includes making a video for the problem-solving ability of your product. Since people are looking for recommendations and watching product reviews to find a cost-effective solution to their problems. 

Decision: At this stage, the solution to the problem is framed. But, it would help if you focused on keeping your brand at the top of the customer’s mind to resolve the problem. Therefore, present the customers with proof of satisfaction related to the products or services and why they should choose your brand over others in the market?

Finding target audience

After setting the goals, it’s time to look for the relevant target audience. This critical step requires having an audience type in mind who might be interested in your products. So that they watch your video till the end and get driven to opt for your products, here, it would help if you created a customer persona, which is usually done to develop products and services offering. It means that the people who are most likely to buy from you are also the people you must reach out to. 

To sum up, your target audience strategy, ensure to have the below things streamlined. 

1. For whom are your products and services?

2. What is the purpose behind your video? This includes where the audience will be in the marketing funnel.

3. On which platform will you find your target audience, such as Facebook, Instagram etc.?

When you know about these three questions, you will know your potential customers and how you can reach them out.

Decide the storyline

Next, you need to develop an engaging storyline for your video. While creating the storyline, you need to consider the following, which works as the basic framework for the story you want to create. 

  • Protagonist/subject and the goal: it’s the person who should be following your target demographic
  • Conflict: it is a pain point for the customers
  • Quest: it’s the way you will introduce your products
  • Resolution: it shows how your products and services can resolve customers’ issues. 

These elements, as stated above, should be able to take the viewers on a journey while aligning with your brand’s mission. Besides, it would help if you revealed emotions to make a better connection with the viewers so that they feel inspired. When it comes to awakening emotions, you can edit videos using an online video editor. Many options for free video editing software are available online, which helps in enhancing the video appeal. You can opt for the free online editor, which is easy to use and features multiple effects related to animation, audio and visuals.

Follow timeline

While planning the whole production process, from creative aspects to video distribution, you must not forget to adhere to the timeline. Having an overall timeline for activities like production, editing and distribution keep you alert about how much time you have spent on each activity and how much time you still need. In addition, timelines are essential for smooth functioning. Therefore, always set specific timelines for every department like marketing, production, social media and so on to be informed on schedules and changes. 

Maintaining a budget

Budgeting cannot be missed when it comes to effective planning. You will know what you want when you have a realistic budget in mind. Therefore, plan the disposal of money and resources, for example, whether you want to shoot in-house or consider outsourcing. You can seek help from industry experts regarding the charges for services like editing, scripting, distribution etc. and how much you can pay if you hire employees on a freelance or full-time basis. 

Some features and videos can cost more than others. Therefore, you should follow thorough research on costing before concluding anything. 

How to make a business video seamlessly?

To create a video for growing your business, stick to these points:

  • Video planning.
  • Scripting.
  • Use of tools and equipment like camera and mic.
  • Video recording and editing.
  • Applying effects and music.
  • Recording voice-overs.


Creating video content for your business can be overwhelming. But, if you have the right strategy by your side, the job is quite easy. For any business, there is endless scope with video types like live video, demo, testimonials, how-to, etc. As many people watch videos online, you must, as a brand, invest in video marketing to make your name. We hope with this article, you can set yourself up correctly in the market and present your viewers with attractive video content every time.