How a Remote Car Starter is Beneficial

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If your car didn’t come with a remote starter and your friend’s car did, you might be thinking about getting an aftermarket add-on. Or maybe you’re wondering what all the fuss is about. Why does your friend gush about how great their remote starter has made their life?  Here are five reasons why a remote car starter is something you might want.

Helps the Engine

If you’ve heard that you should warm up a car’s engine on a cold winter’s day, you heard it right. When engines start out cold, the oil is far more sluggish. As an engine warms up, the oil warms up as well and does a better job of lubricating the engine. The warmer the engine and the oil, the better your engine will run.  With a remote starter, you can get your engine warming up while you enjoy the last of your breakfast on a winter morning, before heading to work. You can also start it minutes before you need to head home after work on a snowy afternoon.

Improves Safety

Anyone who lives in an area where it gets snow during the winter knows how difficult it can be to go outside and scrape ice off the front and back window. If you don’t thoroughly scrape the ice off, you’ll be diving in dangerous conditions, trying to see through streaky glass and caked-on ice. With a remote starter, you can set the inside of your cab and begin defrosting your windows. By the time you are ready to drive to work or home, you can simply brush off the remaining particles of snow, and you’ll have a clear window ready for your drive.

Increases Personal Comfort

During the heat of summer or the frost of winter, getting into your car when it hasn’t been temperature-controlled is far from pleasant. By using a remote starter, you can set your car’s system to cool the inside during summer and warm during the winter. By starting it just a few minutes ahead of time, you’ll be able to enter a temperature-controlled cab and stay comfortable for the duration of your drive.