Should You Buy a Used Mobility Scooter?

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One of the hardest decisions to make is whether to go for a used mobility scooter or buy a new one. The two options come with advantages and disadvantages, and that is what makes the whole scenario a bit challenging. You should, however, note that there is a way you can scrutinize the entire situation and find out which is the best option for you. For instance, you can highlight all the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing a used mobility scooter. Once you have everything, have a look at which ones outweigh the other. By doing so, you will have your answer on whether you should buy a used mobility scooter. 

Advantages of purchasing a used mobility scooter

Various benefits come with buying a second-hand mobility scooter. Some of the main ones include:

They are usually cheap

One of the main advantages of getting a second hand 4 wheel electric scooter instead of a new one is that they tend to be a bit cheaper. It is a product that someone was using before he or she decides to sell it due to various reasons. That means you are not going to purchase it at a higher price as compared to a new mobility scooter. You thus get to save some money in the process, and in the end, you end up with something you want. 

It is easy to bargain

There are so many angles with which you can bargain when purchasing a second-hand scooter. It is something to capitalize on when buying a second-hand mobility scooter. You may argue that the tires or the upholstery of the seat are in poor condition. These are things that you cannot bargain with when purchasing a new scooter. With that in mind, when going for a second-hand scooter, you get to enjoy advantages that you cannot get if you go for a new mobility scooter.

You get to know what problems to expect

When purchasing a second-hand scooter, it is easy to come up with information about what to expect from the item. That happens mostly if you are dealing with the former user directly. In the process of getting an explanation, you can decide whether that is the mobility scooter you want or not. That is something that you don’t get from a used mobility scooter. You can thus capitalize on that information for you to end up with the ideal mobility scooter. 

Disadvantages of a second-hand mobility scooter

Purchasing a second-hand scooter also comes with various disadvantages. The main ones that you should know include:

You are not sure of the reliability

Not unless you are very good at analyzing the functionality of a mobility scooter, you can never know whether it is reliable or not. First, you have no idea why the user is selling the item. You may find it to be ideal at the moment, only to find out that it has significant issues after some time. That is going to ruin your plans, and it also means that you are going to spend a lot of time and money doing repairs.

They may lack proper documentation

If there is one thing that is almost certain with mobility, scooters is the fact that they don’t come with the original documentation. That means by purchasing them, other than a written note explaining the exchange of ownership, there is nothing else to show you are the actual owner. That makes it risky, more so if you find yourself in a position where you need the documents for one reason or another. It is among the most common cons of buying second-hand mobility scooters that you cannot avoid.

They lack warranties

A warranty is an essential item to have whenever you are dealing with any item. It is what insulates you from incurring any unnecessary losses in case an issue comes up. But then, second-hand items don’t come with warranties. That means in case something happens while you are using them, there is no way the company is going to help you without the warranty. This is one thing that tends to make people avoid second-hand products. 

From the information above, it is evident that buying a second-hand scooter exposes you to various challenges that are hard to handle. That means if you have the funds, it is better if you go for a new mobility scooter. The only time you should go for a second-hand scooter is if you know the owner of the scooter, and they have the proper documentation. That way, he or she may use your friendship to offer the facts about the scooter before selling it to you. You should, however, note that if you don’t have the money for a new scooter, then you should go for a used mobility scooter. They are always cheap, and you also have plenty of room to bargain.