Cool biker names

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Having brought up in the biker routine, I have had a chance to come across a lot of really amazing and interesting individuals. I have also listened to many nicknames, some of them too colourful to keep into this article. Technically, when you come up with a cool biker names, your nickname will arrive itself, but that does not mean you cannot take a little outside help to modify the name.

biker names
biker names

A lot of nicknames I have heard are a mixture of the person’s trade and their original name like “Tattoo Mike”. Mike was a tattoo artist. Others were slightly more cryptic as in a gruff guy that I only reckoned by the name of Rooster. To this particular day, I still do not know what his post name was. Hell, he might not even possess one!

Biker Names for Guys

  • Make it personal: Utilise your real name, utilise your profession, utilise your hometown, employ your interests, use whatever you want that forms it unique to you.
  • Make it funny: Not necessary, but an unusual name is a great conversation, beginner! I bet Rooster would have a fantastic story hidden in it.
  • Make it easy to recall: This is not a time to get formal and unique. Keep your name limited and straightforward so that fellow bikers will remind it.

Now that you know what forms an excellent biker name, here are some examples I have heard over the years.

  1. Army
  2. Foghorn
  3. Popeye
  4. Bear
  5. Forger
  6. Rider
  7. Big Bass
  8. Gearhead
  9. Rock
  10. Boulder
  11. Gears
  12. Rooster
  13. Breaker
  14. Griller
  15. Rubble
  16. Brewer
  17. Grinder
  18. Saddle
  19. Brick
  20. Gunner
  21. Shotgun
  22. Brute
  23. Handlebar
  24. Shovelhead
  25. Buffalo
  26. Hawk
  27. Smokey
  28. Butch
  29. Ink
  30. Snake
  31. Buzz
  32. Iron
  33. Snoopy
  34. Capone
  35. Ironclad
  36. Tank
  37. Chains
  38. Knuckles
  39. Tats
  40. Crow
  41. Mac
  42. Texas
  43. Cueball
  44. Mammoth
  45. Tiny
  46. Doc
  47. Man
  48. Trucker
  49. Eagle
  50. Patriot
  51. Welder

Biker Names for Girls

Motorcycles are not just limited for the guys anymore! Girls like to ride too! Here are some naming advice for the ladies!

Make it fierce: You are badass! You are feisty! You are a biker! If you are going to come up with your unique name, make sure it sounds like what an awesomely intimidating lady you are!

Make it sexy: a leather-clad lady should get a hot name! If this is your style, choose a name that shows your sexy side!

Make it suit you: But major importantly, your name must identify with your personality or appearance! Are you a party girl? Tequila or Margarita would be unusual names to consider.

Maybe you have got a head filled with red curls? Curly or Ginger might suit you perfectly!
Do not pick a name just as on how it sounds, select it as it suits you! If you need some more ideas, here are 50 sample biker chick names to look through!

  1. Angel
  2. Goldie
  3. Panther
  4. Archie
  5. Hornet
  6. Peanut
  7. Banshee
  8. Kiki
  9. Pinky
  10. Bear Trap
  11. Kitty
  12. Poison
  13. Bonnie
  14. Kiwi
  15. Queenie
  16. Bumblebee
  17. Lambchops
  18. Raisin
  19. Claws
  20. Lashes
  21. Rivet
  22. Corset
  23. Legs
  24. Shorty
  25. Cougar
  26. Lolita
  27. Silky
  28. Crush
  29. Maddog
  30. Siren
  31. Ducky
  32. Mama Bear
  33. Smoke
  34. Ebony
  35. Margarita
  36. Sprocket
  37. Fishnet
  38. Mexico
  39. Stiletto
  40. Fox
  41. Minnie
  42. Taz
  43. Foxy
  44. Mom
  45. Tequila
  46. Garter
  47. Nails
  48. Widow
  49. Ginger
  50. Old Lady

What do you have in your minds? Do let us know in the comments.