How A Fountain In Your Pond Keeps The Water Clear

Allowing your pond to breathe will significantly benefit your pond and help make the water clear. Moving water with accumulated debris eliminates bad odor and makes the water clearer. A fountain moves water up and down lessening chances of debris build-up. The regular movement ensures that the water in your pond is always clean, clear, and smelling fresh. 

Eliminating algae buildup

Apart from the fountain helping to prevent scum from forming in your pond, it also helps limits algae growth. The regular movement of water by the fountain breaks up algae on the water surface. This limits it from growing more and taking over the water in your pond. With the pond free from algae, the water gets better clarity.  Movement of water by the fountain from the pond into the air promotes access to oxygen. As the water falls back, it introduces more oxygen to deep ends of the pond that have been having low oxygen. This limits the availability of excess carbon dioxide in your pond suitable for algae growth. The fountain works efficiently to increase the oxygen level in the pond while discouraging algae presence leading to clear water. Additionally, water movement lessens nutrients in the pond that might encourage algae growth. 

Creates a beautiful centerpiece 

Apart from making the water clear, a fountain adds interest and beauty to your water feature . It makes investing in a pond fountain a worthy investment to add in your landscape. A floating fountain is a perfect addition to any water feature regardless of whether it is a garden pond or lake. The trick is to invest in a quality fountain and stainless steel filter. This will be durable to ensure that your fountain lasts for many more years to come.  The ideal fountain should come with a high volume impeller from a renowned brand. Investing in quality equipment for your pond will save you a significant amount in the long run. A well-chosen fountain enhances the beauty and improves the health of a pond. This should impel appropriate gallons per hour to create a beautiful feature in your pond. You can even enhance the look of your pond with LED lights and a beautiful spray pattern to create a wonderful display.